Jail deficit shrinking until state pulls inmates
There’s an old riddle that asks: If it takes two hours to dig a hole two feet deep, how long does it take to dig half a hole? The correct answer is there’s no such thing as half a hole. »»

Lifelong Overnight Sensation
Though he always had dreams of making it big time in the music business, Robert Finley had reached that point in life where playing at small venues in Monroe and churches near his home in Bernice filled the schedule of the guitarist- turned-carpenter. »»

Bottom cools off quickly
Joe Cusimano said he first noticed it maybe 20 years ago, when he got a truck that showed the outside temperature. “Especially in the morning,” Cusimano said. “And since I was headed west to east, the temperature would actually increase.” »»

Efforts provides aid for homeless
Kami Turner saw something on Facebook two weeks ago that stirred her to action. Again. She was »»

Far- Reaching Ramifications Malone suit could have unintended consequences
An issue raised by the attorney representing Karl Malone in his legal fight over access to Patterson Lake could have a far-reaching impact on access to other bodies of water in the parish and perhaps across the state. »»