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Acreage and Lots
Lake D’Arbonne ½ acre 100ft. waterfront 953 Scott Hideaway Rd. $37,000, call 368.9709.
Homes For Sale
House for sale by owner, 509 South Circle Farmerville, brick house 3BR/1.5BA, very cozy, private fence in back, good neighborhood, seller motivated, $69,000 OBO, call 318.608.7560.
Lost / Found
Found, November 1, a pair of saw horses at the intersection of Hopewell Rd and Deloutre Switch, call 318-608-1880.

FOUND: Set of keys in parking lot of Farrar Funeral Home.
Found September 29, 2014. Call 368-3043 to identify.

14 Lost & Found
Found small floating dock on Lake Darbonne, call to identify, 318.283.3181

Found ring in front of American Legion Hall call to describe, 318.368.8355.

Found a set of keys at Pickers Paradise call 318.366.3180 to identify.

Found a set of keys between the Dean of Flowers and the Gazette office, please come by the Gazette office to identify or call 318.368.9732.

Found Keys: six or seven keys on a keychain (foot prints in the sand emblem) at Cruz-N-Clean Car Wash, please call 318.245.4614.

Work Wanted
STUMP REMOVAL, Free estimates call James Stewart 318.243.1009 or 318.768.2554.

Drivers: 12 Local/Regional LPG Openings!!!
Martin Transport Bossier City & Arcadia Terminals.
Great Pay, Benefits!
1 year Class A exp. with X end req.
Call Now: 1-855-390-2223.

Articles For Sale
For sale, 1998 15 horse Mariner motor, low hours, $650, can be seen at 674 Sam Rogers Rd. Bernice, call 318.366.2149.

King size mattress with box springs, $75, call 318.368.0049.
The names listed below have been reported to the Louisiana Department of the Treasury as being persons possibly entitled to unclaimed funds subject to the provisions of LSA-R.S. 9:151-181, Uniform Unclaimed Property Act.
Most of these funds are currently in the custody of the Louisiana Department of the Treasury and will remain until such time as a valid claim is made. There is no expiration date for making a claim; however, proof of ownership must be submitted before the funds are released. You may expedite your claim by sending a legible copy of your driver’s license and any other information that will positively identify you as the rightful owner of the property.
Information concerning the description of the funds or company that remitted the funds may be obtained by contacting the Unclaimed Property Division at 1-888-925-4127 or 225-219-9400, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or by writing to State Treasurer John Neely Kennedy, Louisiana Department of the Treasury, Unclaimed Property Division, P.O. Box 91010, Baton Rouge, LA, 70821-9010. Visit for a complete list of names.
Adams Cheryl 511S Circle Farmerville La
Addison T Ward Dds 7699 Hwy 2 Farmerville La
Adkins Gordie 1840 Highway 552 Downsville La
Adkins Larry 137 Adkins Rd Farmerville La
Aguilar Abel 604 3Rd St Bernice La
Aguilar Maria 604 3Rd St Bernice La
Albritton Alex L 647 L Albritton Rd Bernice La
Albritton Emmlyn N 501 S Circle Dr Farmerville La
Albritton Parky 736 Albritton Rd Downsville La
Aldridge Wanda 220 Mickey Rd Farmerville La
Allen Donna 940 Sardis Church Rd Farmerville La
Alvarez Juan A 516 James Ave Farmerville La
Alvis Lauren 1540 Ruggs Bluff Road Downsville La
Alvis Terry L 1612 Ruggs Bluff Rd Downsville La
Amc Mortgage Services Inc &/Or 302 E Boundry St Farmerville La
Andrews Benny 120 6Th St Bernice La
Andrews Dairen 310 Bird Rd Marion La
Andrews Michael 234 Alice St Marion La
Andrews Wanda Po Box 172 Bernice La
Andrews Willis 632 Andrews Rd Marion La
Ateefa Joshua P O Box 812 Farmerville La
Bacle Patsy 362 Hudson Circle Farmerville La
Badgett Jessie G Rr 3 Box 73 Farmerville La
Baker Earl C 6449 Highway 550 Bernice La
Banks Tammy L 401 Cane Creek Dr Bernice La
Barron Dwain 266 Lennie Lane Farmerville La
Bass Vanessa 227 Allen St Marion La
Batten Curtis Mr. 218Pixley Road Bernice La
Beard Johnny L 615 Holder Rd Farmerville La
Bearden W Faye 0 Po Box 652 Farmerville La
Bell Minnie Pearl Rt 1 Box 19 Spearsville La
Benoit Ann 1902 Park Bay Dr Farmerville La
Bernice Polymers 403 Hickory Street Suite 43 Bernice La
Bilberry Jimmie S 5766 Highway 15 Farmerville La
Black Lonnie R 199 Toby Rd Farmerville La
Bookers One Stop 281 Main St Marion La
Bowman Courtney 3840 Hwy 828 Farmerville La
Bradshaw Agnes 630 N Spillway Farmerville La
Brantley David M 259 Jurd Pardue Rd Marion La
Braswell Michael R 165 Dick Hinton Rd Farmerville La
Braswell Roy B Po Box 160 Farmerville La
Britt Shane 311 West Green St Farmerville La
Britton Helen A Estate 900 Foster Rd Downsville La
Brown Evelyn 725 Ruggs Bluff Rd Downsville La
Brown Genora L Rt 2 Box 102-A Bernice La
Brown Paul C Po Box 131 Bernice La
Bryan Jessie Po Box 468 Bernice La
Bryant Michael 554 Chapel Hill Rd Farmerville La
Buckley Robert G 2408 Hwy 143 Marion La
Buckner Judy Po Box 160 Farmerville La
Buras Anna M 649 Plummer Snell Rd Marion La
Burford Agnes H 3009 Roberson St Bernice La
Burrell Eva S C/O Betty Evant308 Hudson Road Farmerville La
Caldwell Glenola 301 Cedar St Bernice La
Cannon Amelia 108 Haile Creek Marion La
Cannon David R 108 Haile Creek Rd Marion La
Caples Heath M Po Box 664 Farmerville La
Caples Kendra G 313 Carter Rd Downsville La
Cash Stephanie 185 Mill Dr Farmerville La
Castro Torres Jose C 248 School St Bernice La
Cates Kirk A 457 Robertson Dr Bernice La
Chapman Ashley 802 South Main St Farmerville La
Chappell Juel 103 N Lakeview Farmerville La
Charles Lester D 286 Wilbur Rd Spearsville La
Clay Bessie 209 Harris Rd Sterlington La
Cleveland Michael K 105 Charles Dean Rd Farmerville La
Coats Danny 11993 Hwy 33 Choudrant La
Cole Jimmy L Rt 4 Box 115 Farmerville La
Coleman Danielle 816 A Doyle St Farmerville La
Coleman Glover C 126 6Th Street Bernice La
Cooats Danny Sr 920 Marion Hwy Farmerville La
Coulbertson Chekyeia 1121 Red Hills Dr Farmerville La
Cox John W 200 Bobby Cox Rd Downsville La
Crain Connie 120 Sparrow Lane Farmerville La
Culpepper Elzie 499 King Johnston Rd Marion La
D&D Country Store 4923 Highway 2 Farmerville La
Davidson Elizabeth 301 Smith St Farmerville La
Davis Earnestine Snearly Rt 4 Box 204 Farmerville La
Davis Mark A 264 Gilmore Sterlington La
Dendy Plumbing Llp 242 Village Creek Rd Bernice La
Dison Jerry 1086 Pilgrims Rest Rd Spearsville La
Dixson Vincent 1101 Cedar Streetlot 2 Farmerville La
Dodd Ernest M 749 Duke Nolah Rd Farmerville La
Dupay Elizabeth 2074 Hwy 15 Spearsville La
Dye Rebecca A 166 Dye Rd Farmerville La
Dyer Ervin J 205 Betty St Farmerville La
Elkins Melanie 9021 Sundance Lane Spearsville La
Elliott Jerry Po Box 791 Farmerville La
Farmerville Service 7815 Hwy 15 Farmerville La
Farr Lori 459 King Johnston Rd Marion La
Fields Delores 201 W Green St Farmerville La
Fields T T P O Box 519 Farmerville La
Fields Thomas Jr T 569 Corney Creek Drive Farmerville La
Ford Ken 2892 Locklomand Dr Farmerville La
Foret David 101 N Lakeview Dr Farmerville La
Franks Gregory W 808 Rocky Branch Rd Farmerville La
Frisch Jason M 2637 Phillips Ferry Rd Sterlington La
Fullerton Raymond G 3510 Highway 828 Farmerville La
Furlough Jimmy 382 County Line Spearsville La
Furlow Victor 205 Mckinnie Dr Apt 2 Marion La
Garland J T P O Box 51 Bernice La
Gatson Green Latonya D 714 W Boundry St Farmerville La
Gibson Robert A 102 Stewart St Marion La
Gibson Travis Cp Rt 1 Box 219A Farmerville La
Gilbert Shannon D Po Box 263 Marion La
Gilley Joanne N 443 Charles Dean Rd Farmerville La
Gilley Michael D Ii 443 Charles Dean Rd Farmerville La
Glennon Doyle M Jr Po Box 293224 Crow St Marion La
Glennon Paula D Po Box 293224 Crow St Marion La
Gonzalez Quirino 350 Albert Smith Rd Farmerville La
Goodjoint Alice 298 Nate Hodge Rd Downsville La
Gouthreaux Devin 1504 Obrien Rd Lot 6 Farmerville La
Gray Martha A Route 1Box 170-C Downsville La
Gray Susan Ryland Po Box 638 Farmerville La
Green Cassidy D 519 Albert Smith Rd Farmerville La
Green Deborah A 1121 Marion Hwyapt 6 Farmerville La
Green Era 115 W 4Th St Apt 14 Bernice La
Green William S 519 Albert Smith Rd Farmerville La
Griffin Eva A Rr 2 Box 138 Downsville La
Guice Clarence 370 Acree Rd Farmerville La
Harris Robert 112 Freeman Rd Farmerville La
Hartman Rebecca 2513 George Johnikin Rd Spearsville La
Hassion Vera 315 Sugar Hl Downsville La
Hatley Oscar Benton 0 2006 Summerfield Hwy Bernice La
Hayes Bat L 607 East Jackson Farmerville La
Head Connie D 137 Donna Dr Farmerville La
Heard Ben 117 School St Bernice La
Heard Linda 1168 Oakland Bridge Rd Spearsville La
Hemphill Gwendolyn 511 S Circle Dr Farmerville La
Henderson Amy 239 Pinewoods Rd Farmerville La
Hendricks Willie R 911 Marion Hwy Farmerville La
Henry Andrew 186 Ellis Rd Haile La
Herring Bobby R 345 Double Bridges Rd Bernice La
Hill Hardell 211 Pennington Lillie La
Hill James Po Box 459 Farmerville La
Hodge Steven 141 Circle Drive Farmerville La
Holley Edward E 125 Penn Rd Bernice La
Holloway Brothers Constru Attn: Nancypo Box 578 Farmerville La
Holly Tamara 816 B Doyle Street Farmerville La
Hudson Loraine 10567 Highway 2 Bernice La
Huey John 2513 George Johnikin Rd Spearsville La
Huntley Portia 1121 Red Hills Dr Farmerville La
Hutts Gregory 105 Pleasure Island Rd Farmerville La
Hwy 2 Grocery C/O Sadie Herring219 Knight Road Marion La
Imt Llc Imt Ll 109 Railroad St Farmerville La
J A Auger Inc P O Box 343 Farmerville La
James Lindsey D P O Box 309 Bernice La
James P Hill Oil Company 911 Ward Chapel Road Farmerville La
Jennings Frances 10897 Hwy 15 Downsville La
Johnson Earnestine N 0 395 Crossroads Loop Farmerville La
Johnson Kenneth 4965 Hwy 522 Downsville La
Johnson Land Service P.O. Box 519 Farmerville La
Johnson Shakesha 604 Hickory St Apt Apt 20 Farmerville La
Johnston Byron E 313 Albert Smith Rd Farmerville La
Jones Johnathan 129 Melvins Rd Farmerville La
Joseph Cornelius 208 W Boundary Street Farmerville La
Kaheiki Thomas Iii Po Box 405 Marion La
Kavanaugh Marcy 330 Pine Grove Church Rd Bernice La
Kelley Tirhonda 2568 Camp Rd Apt A Farmerville La
Kelly Marcey 3382 Highway 143 Marion La
Kennedy Rocky 380 Old Meeks Rd Farmerville La
Kersh William 520 Wheeler Rd Marion La
Kesee Max 201 Betty St Farmerville La
Kilcrease Mary 515 James Ave Farmerville La
Knight Kimberly 302 Goldsmith Rd Downsville La
Ktve 10 Attn Ceo400 Main St Marion La
Laroe Mary J Po Box 581 Farmerville La
Lee Mary Po Box 100 Farmerville La
Lewis Edward 211 John Lewis Rd Spearsville La
Lewis Jamario L Po Box 376159 Railroad Road Bernice La
Lewis Phyllis 508 Marion St Farmerville La
Lindsey William 385 Spill Way Rd Farmerville La
Littleton Elizabeth J 345 Allen Mann Rd Downsville La
Littleton James E 1483 Littleton Loop Road Downsville La
Littleton Marty 1599 Littleton Loop Downsville La
Livingston Edwina 1965 Highway 3121 Spearsville La
Loggins Deryncio 163 Halley Rd Farmerville La
Long Jake 0 Po Box 221 Farmerville La
Lowery James 3045 Hwy 167 Lillie La
Loyd Beverly S 122 Talton Dr Farmerville La
Loyd Romicka D 808A Doyle Street Farmerville La
Loyd Shandreka 307 Ouachita St Farmerville La
Loyd Woodrow 201 Betty St Farmerville La
Lucien Ej 170 Willie Smith Rd Spearsville La
Marion Pressure Treating Co Emp Trust 3510 Highway 828 Farmerville La
Martinez Manuel Po Box 412 Bernice La
Martinez Oliva 350 Albert Smith Rd Farmerville La
Martinez Stacie 1323 Daniel Rd Marion La
Mcbroom Geraldine Rt 1 Box 505 Spearsville La
Mcbroom Perry Rt 1 Box 505 Spearsville La
Mcclain Brian 527 Hudson Rd Lot B Farmerville La
Mcculler Francis 201 Reeves St Bernice La
Mchenry Daphne M 133 Huey Rd Farmerville La
Mckinnie Marlie 614 Pisgah Church Rd Bernice La
Mcmaster Pamela B 711 Arthur Mcdaniel Rd Downsville La
Mcpherson Carla 2264 Alabama Lndg Marion La
Mcvicker Mary Louise Rt 4 Box 208 Farmerville La
Medlin Amber M 1158 Reggie Skains Rd Downsville La
Miller Christopher 118 Randolph Rd Lillie La
Miller Georgia A C/O Johnie Adkins Jr2011 Harper Bernice La
Miller Lisa 10357 Hwy 143 Farmerville La
Miller Roberta R 255 Jim Miller Rd Farmerville La
Morris Anna R 248 Masonic Rd Farmerville La
Morris Jerry 146 John Taylor Rd Downsville La
Nation Cassie Po Box 101 Farmerville La
No 1 Chinese Restaurant 1028 Sterlington Hwy Farmerville La
Norred Debra L 386 Parks Rd Sterlington La
Oliver Grace P O Box 177 Bernice La
Owens Elijah H Po Box 305 Farmerville La
Pace Cody R 106 Sunset Road Marion La
Palmer Peggy D 108 Goldie St Farmerville La
Pate Drusilla Rr 1 Box 282 Farmerville La
Pate Sarah Nicole Rr 1 Box 282 Farmerville La
Payne Laurie 2892 Locklomand Dr Farmerville La
Pearson Ann 1902 Park Bay Dr Farmerville La
Peck Construction Inc 3965 Hwy 599 Marion La
Pesnell Amy 117 School St Bernice La
Phillips Carol W 1960 Highway 167 Lillie La
Phillips Stacy C/O Trina Lowreypo Box 461 Bernice La
Pierson Carl A 122 Easy Living Lane Downsville La
Pointer Linda Po Box 33 Bernice La
Pointer Willie Po Box 33 Bernice La
Post Ben F Po Box 725 Farmerville La
Powell Annie Rte 1 Box 129 Lillie La
Powell Joanna Gallagher 1329 Littleton Loop Downsville La
Preaus Annalisa V 158 Baughman Lake Dr Farmerville La
Preaus Harry M 158 Baughman Lake Dr Farmerville La
Preiser Nathaniel A 527 Hudson Rd Farmerville La
Rac Retirement Inc 171 Pierce Crawford Rd Downsville La
Ramos Norma 640 Wattie Wilson Rd Downsville La
Ramsey Bryan D 579 Pint Rd Farmerville La
Ramsey Ruthie 604 Hickory St Farmerville La
Ray Lottie 584 Littleton Loop Downsville La
Reeves Phillip P 300 Willie Reeves Rd Bernice La
Reppond Merinda 2325 Alabama Landing Marion La
Richard Lue 1559 Highway 2 Sterlington La
Richards Lue 1559 Highway 2 Sterlington La
Richards Shunda 426 North Main Junction City La
Riley Cara 5930 Hwy 549 Farmerville La
Riley Cara R 276 Joe Rogers Rd Farmerville La
Riley Jerry D 276 Joe Rogers Rd Farmerville La
Riley Linzie Jr 125 Linzie Riley Rd Marion La
Riley Mary 1550 Riley Trestle Rd Marion La
Riley Odis J 3797 Highway 33 Marion La
Rivers Jewel Jr 2174 Huttig Hwy33 Marion La
Roberts Classie P O Box 284 Farmerville La
Roberts Danielle 288 Mayhaw Rd Farmerville La
Roberts Glynn Jr Po Box 511 Bernice La
Roberts Huey 236 Barbara Ln Farmerville La
Roberts Sammie 708 Concord Rd Marion La
Robertson James M 1127 Ruggs Bluff Rd Downsville La
Rodgers Ahley 180 Pati Street Farmerville La
Rogers A T 140 Dudes Cir Farmerville La
Rolland Valente D 148 Lone Star Rd Sterlington La
Romany Jose 5707 Hwy 549 Farmerville La
Ronquille Brandon 493 Platt Rd Marion La
Rugg Sylvia Rt 1 Farmerville La
Russell Gregory Lane 829 Lake Loop Downsville La
Russell Robbie L 380 Boothville Rd Marion La
Salazar Eugenio 112 Pamela St Bernice La
Salinas Brunet V 516 James Ave Farmerville La
Salley Thomas 185 Baughman Lake Drive Farmerville La
Seay Willie B 4900 Hwy 552 Downsville La
Senn Mike 317 Pilgrims Rest Church Rd Spearsville La
Sensley Willie Jr P O Box 59 Farmerville La
Sensley Willie Jr Po Box 59 Farmerville La
Sharp Heather R 509 Gulley St Farmerville La
Sharp Lacey Marie 331 Wildwood Acres Dr Farmerville La
Sharp Zona F Estate 1155 Sterlington Ave Farmerville La
Sharp Zona F Estate F 1155 Sterlington Hwy Farmerville La
Shelbon Linda 508 Marion Street Farmerville La
Shelbon Sylvainna 806 A Hickory St Farmerville La
Shepherd Michael Po Box 157 Downsville La
Shepherd Pam 411 Arthur Mcdaniel Rd Downsville La
Silmon Rickie Lemar 0 Rt 1 Box 197 Bernice La
Simmons A Z Rr 2 Box 2 Marion La
Simpson Jeanett 1418 Hwy 552 Downsville La
Singleton Linda F 805 Doyle St Farmerville La
Smith Billy 989 Hodge Rd Farmerville La
Smith Larue Rt 1 Farmerville La
Smith Lindsay Erin 712 Roan Rd Farmerville La
Spruell Sherry R 178 Port Union Rd Farmerville La
Spurgeon John D 190 Melcat Road Farmerville La
Stansbury John 365 Stansbury Road Farmerville La
Stansbury Pauline 365 Stansbury Road Farmerville La
Streeter Steve 9412 Hwy 2 Farmerville La
Success Business Builders 1107 Scotts Hideaway Rd Farmerville La
Sutton Helen W 101 Williams Rd Lot 18 Farmerville La
Talton Phillip 1559 Highway 2 Sterlington La
Taylor Shirley 1342 Thurston Taylor Rd Marion La
Thomas Billy J 164 Henry Cook Rd Sterlington La
Thomas Bradford 134 Hwy 558 Spearsville La
Thompson Edgar Po Box 297 Bernice La
Tipton Michael A 1240 Evergreen Rd Bernice La
Townsend Judy 438 Dogwood Lane Farmerville La
Trevino Cruz 401 Cane Creek Apt 19 Bernice La
Trochelman Gerald 6545 Hwy 15 Farmerville La
Tucker Kenneth Carolyn 0 Rt 4 Box 290 Farmerville La
Tucker Kenneth Wayne Rt 1 Farmerville La
Venters Wesley W 511 Mill Creek Rd Farmerville La
Vickery Lewis Derward 367 Burma Rd Downsville La
Wardlow Charles Asher 330 River Rd Sterlington La
Wardlow Charles O Mr 330 River Rd Sterlington La
Watson Carrie 163 Ruggs Cir Farmerville La
Watts Christel 134 Elm St Bernice La
West Luke R 939 Raymond Odom Rd Farmerville La
Wheeler Tommie 889 Wheeler Road Marion La
Wilkes Zachary A 228 Wilkes Dr Farmerville La
Wilks John Po Box 362 Marion La
Williams Nikki P 343 Hemler Rd Farmerville La
Williams Randy E 343 Hemler Rd Farmerville La
Willow Village Hsn Corp 160 6Th St Bernice La
Wills Goldmon T Rr 2 Box 218 Marion La
Wilson Sedric 932 Highway 167 S Bernice La
Wooley Nancy 783 Randolph Rd Lillie La
Wright Gene B 111 Squirrell Road Farmerville La
Young Mary E 910 Hickory St Farmerville La

A public hearing will be held on Monday, December 1, 2014 at 5:30p.m., at the Farmerville Town Hall on 407 South Main Street, Farmerville, Louisiana to hear the views and opinions of the citizens concerning the zoning change of the property belonging to Mr. & Mrs. Otis Wright, located at 305 Cedar Street to B-2 for car detail shop.
Legal description as follows:
11/20/2014, 11/27/2014

A public hearing will be held on Monday, December 1, 2014 at 5:30p.m., at the Farmerville Town Hall on 407 South Main Street, Farmerville, Louisiana to hear the views and opinions of the citizens concerning the zoning change of the property belonging to Mr. & Mrs. Otis Wright, located at 309 Martin Luther King Drive to B-2 for a used car lot.
Legal description as follows:
11/20/2014, 11/27/2014

The Holmesville Water System is currently in violation of the maximum contaminant level (MCL) for total trihalomethanes as set forth by the State[Part XII of the Louisiana State Sanitary Code (LAC 51:XII)] and the Federal Primary Drinking Water Regulations (40 CFR Part 141).
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (LDHH)set drinking water standards and requires the disinfection of drinking water. Where disinfection is used in the treatment of drinking water, disinfectants combine with naturally occurring organic and inorganic matter present in water to form chemicals called disinfection byproducts (DBPs). EPA and LDHH set standards for controlling the levels of disinfectants and DBPs in drinking water, including trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acid (HAAs). Some people who drink water containing THMs in excess of the MCL over many years may experience problems with their liver, kidneys, or central nervous system, and may have an increased risk of getting cancer.
In December 1998, EPA set enforceable drinking water standards for TTHMs at 80 parts per billion (ppb) and for HAA5 at 60 parts per billion (ppb) to reduce the risk of cancer or other adverse health effects. Compliance with the TTHMs standard for public water systems serving less than 10,000 individuals initially became effective and enforceable on January 1, 2004. Compliance with the TTHMs standard is determined by calculating a locational running annual average (LRAA) of quarterly TTHMs sample results. Compliance calculations performed for the third quarter of 2014 show that the system’s current TTHMs LRAAs are 185 ppb at DBP01 - Highway 15 and 187 ppb at DBP02 - Jones and Pardue Road; thus, the system is currently in violation of the TTHMs standard.
Please share this information with all the other people who drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly (for example, people in apartments, nursing homes, schools, and businesses). You can do this posting this notice in a public place or distributing copies by hand or mail.
This is not an emergency. If it had been, you would have been notified immediately. EPA and LDHH do not consider this violation to have any serious adverse health effects on human health as a result of short-term exposure; however, continued long-term exposure to TTHMs and HAA5 levels above the standard (e.g., 20 years of exposure) has the potential to have serious adverse effects on human health.
The Holmesville Water System would like to reassure its customers that the water is safe to drink. We ask for your patience and understanding as we address this ongoing problem.
Please call 318-982-7299 if you have any questions or concerns.
November 13, 2014
November 10, 2014
The Union Parish School Board met in Regular Session at the Union Parish School Board Office in Farmerville, Louisiana, on Monday, November 10, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. Members were present as follows: Mr. Robert C. James, Jr., Mr. Jimmy Hollis, Mr. Frankie Futch, Mrs. Judy Mabry, Mrs. Shannon Barkley, Mr. John Ellis, Mrs. Challana Dean, and Mr. Clyde Hays. Absent from the meeting was Mr. Jeremy Hobbs.
President James called the meeting to order and Mr. Ellis gave the invocation.
On motion by Mrs. Mabry, seconded by Mr. Futch, the Board approved the agenda for the November 10, 2014 Regular Board Meeting as printed.
On motion by Mrs. Barkley, seconded by Mr. Ellis, the Board approved the minutes for the October 13, 2014 Regular Board Meeting as printed.
Karen Barefield, Taylor and Sons Insurance and Financial Services presented an engraved award to Deanna Ellsworth, Seventh Grade ELA Teacher at the Union Parish Junior High School as “Employee of the Month” for October, 2014.
Reggie Skains, President of Downsville Charter School, presented their annual charter school update to the Board.
Glen Slater reported to the Board on Volkert’s master plan for the district’s Capital Projects resulting from the May 3, 2014 tax election.
Carol Smith, Accountability Supervisor, presented the district’s Testing Performance Summary for 2013-2014.
Lyn Kenley, Manager of Facilities and Transportation, updated the Board on current maintenance and bus issues.
Superintendent Cannon and instructional staff led the Board through the district’s multiyear plan for school improvement, including new and revised materials for their school improvement binders.
On motion by Mrs. Mabry, seconded by Mr. Futch, the Board approved the financial statements for September 2014.
On motion by Mr. Futch, seconded by Mr. Hays, the Board accepted the high bid from Ike Lipscomb for the amount of $20.00 per acre per year, on the lease of approximately 60.704 acres of School Board property for hunting purposes at the Lillie School site. The term of this lease is for sixty months, beginning on the 11th day of November 2014 and ending at midnight on the 10th day of November 2019. The lease may be renewed only upon the approval of the Union Parish School Board. Mr. Lipscomb will provide liability insurance on the property.
On motion by Mr. Ellis, seconded by Mrs. Barkley, the Board accepted the bid from Brittany Unkel for the amount of $500.00 on the purchase of floors from Linville School gymnasium and two exterior wood doors from the Linville Home Economics building. She will be responsible for the removal of the floors and doors.
Megan Wiens, Chief Financial Officer, informed the Board of the November 2014 bonus amounts.
On motion by Mrs. Dean, seconded by Mr. Hays, the Board granted permission to pay sales tax bonus checks on November 21, 2014.
On motion by Mr. Futch, seconded by Mr. Hollis, the Board declared Spearsville School property surplus and no longer needed for school purposes and granted approval to advertise the Spearsville School property for sale with a minimum bid to be the appraised value of $200,000.00.
The Board was informed of the following retirement:
1. Edith Rockett - Union Parish Elementary School, Teacher Effective: December 3, 2014
The Board was informed of the following resignation:
1. Dana Ingles - Union Parish Junior High School
Special Education Paraprofessional Effective: August 6, 2014
The Board was informed of the following employment:
1. Melinda Smith - Itinerant Teacher who will substitute Effective: October 27, 2014
Union Parish Sixth Grade Center, Teacher Effective: January 5, 2014
The Board was informed of the following medical leave:
1. Juanita Pennington-Lopez - Union Parish Elementary School
Cafeteria Technician
Effective: October 29, 2014 –December 10, 2014
The Board was informed of the following extended medical leaves:
1. Glenda Smoke - Counselor for all schools Effective: November 10 - December 1, 2014
2. Monique Jones - Union Parish High School, Custodian Effective: October 22 – November 8, 2014
On motion by Mr. Hollis, seconded by Mrs. Mabry, the Board ratified all personnel actions taken by the Superintendent of Schools and stated on and/or attached to the agenda of November 20, 2014.
On motion by Mrs. Dean, seconded by Mrs. Barkley, the Board approved a request from Jeff Hurst, Pastor of Pisgah Baptist Church, to use the Bernice High School agriculture barn building, beginning November 2, 2014 until December 31, 2014 for set up and take down purposes for Night in Bethlehem. Pisgah Baptist Church will provide and have in effect a $3,000,000.00 liability policy through Church Mutual Insurance Company, as well as the $100.00 deposit required by School Board policy.
The Board, having set its next regular meeting for Monday, December 8, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. to be held at the Union Parish School Board Office in Farmerville, Louisiana, adjourned on this the 10th day of November, 2014.
George Cannon, Secretary Robert C. James, Jr., President
Union Parish School Board Union Parish School Board

D’Arbonne Storage, LLC, 1106 Sterlington Hwy, Farmerville, LA will have a Lien Sale Saturday 11/29/14 @ 9 a.m. The following units will be auctioned off and all contents of each unit will go to the “highest” bidder. Cash only! Items must be removed by 5 p.m. day of sale. Always call the day of sale to insure we will still have it. 318-368-7201 or 318-245-0336.
1. Ted Tims, Unit #515 (furniture and household goods) 5 x 10.
2. Tallanisha Traylor #395 (tires, household goods) 10 x 10.
3. Selena Lowery #219 (furniture, household goods) 10 x 10.

A training session for Commissioners-in-Charge to serve in the various polling places of Union Parish during elections held in 2015 will be held, and all qualified persons are invited to attend.
To serve as a Commissioner-in-Charge, one must:
1.) Be a qualified voters of the Parish and be able to vote without assistance;
2.) Not be a candidate for election to public office nor be a member of the immediate family of a candidate for election in the precinct in which he serves;
3.) Not ever have been convicted of an election offense;
4.) Have successfully completed a course of instruction such as this, and
5.) Have served as commissioner in at least two elections during the last four (4) years.
* You are invited to apply at the office of the Clerk of Court to attend this school. The school will be held on December 12, 2014, at 3:00 p.m. at the Union Parish Courthouse, Courtroom #1, Farmerville, Louisiana 71241.
* The Union Parish Board of Supervisors of Elections will meet in the Office of the Register of Voters, Courthouse Annex, Farmerville, Louisiana at 10:00 a.m. on January 9, 2015, and in open session select from the list of certified persons the Commissioners-in-Charge to serve for the year of 2015.

*This change in the selection date and course date is all in accordance with House Bill No. 341 of the 2013 regular legislative session.
Dodi Eubanks
Union Parish Clerk of Court
11/20/14 11/27/14

The Union Parish School Board is now receiving bids for the sale of property known as the "Spearsville School Site" located in Spearsville, Louisiana. The description of the property to be sold is the following described property situated in the Parish of Union, State of Louisiana, together with all improvements and appurtenances, to wit:
The following described property situated in Spearsville, Union Parish, Louisiana, to-wit:
Beginning at the NorthEast corner of that certain lot sold by present vendors to present vendor
By deed recorded in Book 153 at page 496 of the Conveyance Records of Union Parish,
Louisiana, on July 8, 1949, with this is a point of beginning thence proceed East 673 feet to
The East forty line of the North West Quarter of the SouthWest Quarter (NW ¼ of SW ¼) of
Section 32, Township 23 North, Range 2 West; THENCE south along said forty line a distance of 70 feet; THENCE West a distance of 673 feet; THENCE North 70 feet to the point
of beginning; being and lying in the NorthWest Quarter of the SouthWest Quarter (NW ¼ of
SW 1/4) of Section 32, Township 23 North, Range 2 West; containing 1.08 acres, more or less, together with all the improvements situated thereon and thereto belonging.


A lot or parcel of land described as follows: Beginning at the SW corner of Section 32, Township 23 North, Range 2 West, and run thence North 1538 feet, thence run East a distance of 316 feet; and with this as the place of beginning, run thence North 70 feet, thence East 331 feet, thence South 70 feet, thence West 331 feet to the place of beginning, being in the NW ¼ of SW ¼ Section 32, Township 23 N.R. 2 West.


Beginning at the Northwest corner of Section 32, Township 23 North, Range 2 West and run South 3800 feet, thence East 280 feet; thence South 183 feet for a point of beginning, thence run South 65 degrees and 05 minutes East a distance of 328 feet; thence North 88 degrees and 20 minutes East a distance of 600 feet; thence North 43 degrees and 30 minutes East a distance of 158 feet; thence West 1010 feet to the point of beginning.


The S ½ of the G. W. Hollis residence Lot in the town of Spearsville, Louisiana located in the
NW ¼ of SW ¼ of Sec. 32, T 23 R 2 West bounded on north, Dr. V. E. Dudley residence lot East by W. T. Cherry south by Dr. N. T. Elkins and West by Spearsville town Lots containing 8 acres, more or less.

Specifications for bid for purchase
The above described property is to be sold without any warranty whatsoever as to title or the merchantability of the title but with full substitution and subrogation in and to any and all rights and actions of warranty which Union Parish School Board has or may have against preceding owners. The immovable property and all improvements will be conveyed and accepted "as is", where is, "without any warranty of any kind whatsoever." Purchaser shall be required to pay the bid price in cash or check and an additional $500.00 for deed preparation and recording fees within fifteen (15) days of the awarding of the bid. All bids must be accompanied by a check in the amount of 10% of the bid which will be returned if the bid is not accepted. The transfer shall be made by a deed without warranty which is available to all bidders for review and which is part of the specifications.
The minimum bid for purchase must equal $200,000.00.

Instructions for all bids, bid specifications and bid forms are available at the office of the Superintendent at the Union Parish School Board located at 1206 Marion Highway, Farmerville, Louisiana. The only bids that will be accepted must be contained on a bid form that will be provided by that office. All inquiries should be directed to the Superintendent, Union Parish School Board, P. O. Box 318, Farmerville, Louisiana 71241
Bids must be delivered to the Union Parish School Board no later than 2:00 P.M. Tuesday, December 16, 2014. Sealed bids that are hand delivered or sent by certified mail must be in an envelope clearly marked: "Bid for Spearsville School Site." Hand-delivered bids should be brought to the 1206 Marion Highway address and bids sent by certified mail should be sent to the P. O. Box 318, Farmerville, Louisiana 71241 address.
The Union Parish School Board reserves the right to reject any bid for sale or to accept the highest bid that meets specifications.
Dr. George Cannon, Superintendent
Union Parish School Board
11/20/14 11/27/14 12/04/14

Unfurn. Houses
For rent, unfurnished 2/BR house 630 N. Spillway Rd., call 318.348.6089.