last updated: 07-28-2016
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Homes For Sale
Mobile Homes/Rent
Homes For Sale
For Sale on Lake
D’Arbonne Ole
Baughman Camp,
4BR/2BA, private
area 1000
feet on water, call
Mobile Homes/Rent
Mobile home for
rent 530 N. Washington
Lot #3 &6,
3BR/2BA, 818 N.
Main 3BR/2BA
house, call Ella 714-
The Farmerville Housing
Authority will conduct a
Public Hearing to present,
and to take comments on
the following programs administered
by the Housing
Authority: 2017 Operating
Budget; 2016 and 2017
Capital Fund Program; and
the 5-Year/Annual Agency
Plan. The hearing will be
conducted to comply with
the Quality Housing and
Work Responsibility Act
of 1998. Copies of each
program are available for review
at the Housing Authority’s
Office located at 810
Doyle Street, Farmerville,
Louisiana. The Housing Authority’s
hours of operation
are 5:00p.m.
The Public Hearing will be
held on Monday, August 29,
2016 at the Housing Authority’s
office at 5:15p.m.
Everyone is invited.
7/14/16 7/21/16 7/28/16
We are required to
monitor your drinking water
for chlorine residual at our
point of collection taps at the
same time bacteriological
samples are collected. Results
of regular monitoringor not your drinking water
meets health standards.
During the monitoring
period of November 01,
2015 to November 30,
2015, the Union Parish
Waterworks District 1 did
not monitor for chlorine
residual at the same time
bacteriological samples
were collected, and therefore
we cannot be sure of
the quality of your drinking
water during that time.
This violation occurred
because of the failure to collect
the required samples of
chlorine residual from the
water system’s distribution
Please share this information
with all the other
people who drink this water,
especially those who may
not have received this notice
directly (for example,
people in apartments, nursing
homes, schools, and
businesses). You can do
this by posting this notice in
a public place or distributing
copies by hand or mail.
Necessary action has
been taken to prevent this
violation from recurring.
Part XII of the Louisiana
State Sanitary Code further
requires that the notice
include the telephone number
of the owner, operator,
or designee of the public
water system as a source
of additional information
concerning the notice.
Steps being taken to comply
should also be included.
Bobby Grier 318-368-
The Union Parish
School District will be accepting
bids for surplus
property located at Union
Parish Elementary School,
7195 Hwy 33, Farmerville,
Louisiana 71241. The
property includes loose
furniture, fixtures, and
equipment located in the
gymnasium of the school.
This is a bulk sale with all
property clearly marked as
surplus in the gymnasium
going to the winning bidder.
Bids will be received
by hand delivery at the
Union Parish School Board
Office located at 1206
Marion Hwy, Farmerville,
Louisiana 71241 or by registered
mail to Union Parish
School Board, PO Box
308, Farmerville, Louisiana
71241. Bidders wishing to
view the property may do so
by appointment and should
call Lyn Kenley at the Union
Parish School Board Office,
318-368-9715 ext.102. All
bids must be received before
Thursday, August 18,
2016 by 2:00pm at which
time bids will be opened
and read aloud. The winning
bidder has 14 days to
remove the property.
7/28/16 8/4/16 8/11/16
Saturday, July 30 @
9:30 AM
6827 Hwy 2 E,
Farmerville, LA
A cash sale to the highest
Storage Unit 35, 6827
Hwy 2, containing a mattress,
box springs, washing
machine, rocking chair,
and a TV belonging to La
Wanda Sims.
Storage Unit 36, 6827
Hwy 2, containing a stand,
movies, an air conditioner,
a radio, toys, and boxes and
totes belonging to Janara
Storage Unit 57, 6827
Hwy 2, containing a pool
table, tires, a baby stroller,
a cabinet, a satellite dish,
clothes, and boxes belonging
to Frank Boyd.
Storage Unit 59, 6827
Hwy 2, containing couches,
chairs, washer, and boxes
belonging to Melissa Shinn.
Storage Unit 70, 6827
Hwy 2, containing 2 couches,
mattress, table, toys,
video games, movies, a
suitcase, and boxes belonging
to Julie Hanna.
Storage Unit 112, 6827
Hwy 2, containing tools
belonging to James Allen.
Storage Unit 181, 6827
Hwy 2, containing a table
and 6 chairs, bags, totes,
and other misc. items belonging
to Charissa S.
Storage Unit 197, 6827
Hwy 2, containing a cutting
board, a plastic container of
cassette tapes, and boxes
belonging to Edna Hatter.
Bids will be accepted
for the entire unit contents
only with successful bidder
responsible for removal of
all items upon acceptance
of bid.
Hearn’s U Stor It reserves
the right to refuse
any bid.
Please be advised that
the Downsville Community
Charter School 2016-2017
Budget will be available
for public inspection at
the Downsville Community
Charter School Administrative
Office beginning July
26, 2016 through August 9,
2016 from 9 am to 3 pm.,
Monday – Friday. A public
hearing will be held on
August 9, 2016 at 6:00 at
the Downsville Community
Charter School to discuss
the 2016-2017 budget.
7/28/16 8/4/16