Regardless of which
presidential candidate you

support, the November 8

presidential primary is seen

by many as one of the most

crucial votes in our nation’s


In addition to selecting

American’s next leader, there

is a statewide election for a

U.S. Senate seat, the race

to replace the U.S. House

of Representatives member

who serves Union Parish,

amendments to the Louisiana

constitution and several seats

on the Farmerville Board of

Aldermen being contested, as

well as the post of Farmerville

town marshal/chief of police.

To give our readers a

chance to make informed

decisions, The Gazette has

provided a ballot information

on all the races on Page 3A of

this week’s edition.

You will find the name

and party affiliation of each

candidate in every race.

In addition, we’ve provided

detailed information – taken

f rom the Publ ic Af fairs

Research Council – to give

you the pros and cons of the

six proposed constitutional


Information on early voting

and a list of all polling places in

Union Parish is also provided.

In addition, on Page 4A,

you will find the answer to a

question that you have perhaps

wondered about for years:

Why is the most important

election in our nation held on

a Tuesday?

We trust the effort we’ve

made will help you make

the most informed decision


And on November 9, we

urge you to pray for the men

or women elected to serve our

nation, state and communities.