The Town of Farmerville

will be closed July 29. People

who get their trash dumped

on Friday, please put your

cans out on Thursday July

28. The Union Parish Clerk

of Court will also be closed.

Action relocated

Union Commu n i t y

Action Association, Inc. has

completed its relocation

and is now housed in Room

107 of the Union Parish


History Project

As part of its current

exhibit, ďA Tribute to

Veterans, Ē the Uni on

Museum of History and

Art is encouraging veterans

to share their military

experiences through the

Veterans History Project.

Project coordinator Lyn

Hill will conduct interviews

that will be recorded. One

copy will be given to the

veteran, one will be kept

by the museum and a

third copy will go to the

Library of Congress. For

more information, call Hill

at 251.7485.

Benefit Fund
A special account has

been established at Marion

State Bank for Cordell Bell,

who recently broke his hip

and has been diagnosed

with Parkinsonís disease.

Desposits may be made to

account number 3135101.