Finances Focus for Belton
As an assistant in the offi ce of 3rd Judicial District Attorney Bob Levy, John Belton saw the offi ce operate in times of financial feast and famine. »»

Churches are the focal point in several of the paintings by Clementine Hunter, on display through April 10 at the Union Museum of History and Art, 116 North Main Street. Over 50 paintings by the famed folk artist, on loan from the collection of Tom Whitehead, are »»

Tax crucial to Reeves Memorial
Changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act and the insurance industry’s reactions to it have brought fi nancial challenges to hospitals across America. Evidence can be seen in cases like Baton Rouge General Hospital closing its emergency room, citing losses of $2 million a month for treating uninsured patients. »»

Like father, like son
When Hunter Breed was in the seventh grade, he told his father Bill Breed he wanted to be a game warden. At the time, Bill Breed was about 20 years into his career with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Hunter frequently went with his father to the agency’s regional offi ce in Monroe. Bill says he initially dismissed his son’s announced career path. »»

Law allows they still serve
Lyrics from the title song of the Eagles’ Grammy-award winning album “Hotel California” contain the nightmarish description of a place where, “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.” »»