Letters for 01-22-2015

As needs continue, please keep giving
In November and December each
year, residents come out in full force to
help their neighbors enjoy a happy holiday
season. They donate time, money,
toys and more to help those in need.
Unfortunately, soon after the Christmas
decorations go back into storage
and the New Year rings in, many people
forget the spirit of goodwill they felt
during the holiday season as the needs
We should be mindful that many of
our neighbors need help throughout
the year. People are hungry each and
every day and struggle to meet the same
needs that were met by the community
between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Broken Wings Ministry is one way
that people can help the needy in our
community. The non-profit repurposes
donated items to help meet the needs
of the less fortunate in the community.
On North Main Street, they are open
Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.
and Saturday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.
Pisgah Baptist Church in Bernice
operates its Outpost and Thrift Store
for much the same purpose. For hours
of operation, contact the church office
by calling 285.7247.
There are also civic organizations
such as the Lions Club and the Jaycees
that offer residents a place to find likeminded
individuals dedicated to making
our community a better place. Many of
them focus much of their attention on
improving the lives of our most vulnerable
residents our children.
There are also a large number of
organizations outside Union Parish
prepared to offer assistance to parish
residents. In Ruston, there is the Buddy
Ball program, which creates a safe
place for special-needs children to enjoy
sports. Monroe and Ruston have offices
of Life Choices, a pregnancy counseling
service. The United Way of Northeast
Louisiana and the Union Parish School
system both offer opportunities for
residents who would like to help ensure
that all Lincoln Parish students have a
chance at a great future through a great
educational experience.
There are many ways to give back
throughout the year. Consider keeping
your holiday spirit alive year round by
finding a way to get involved and help
make Union Parish an even better place
to live.