Letters for 10-01-2015

Make Certain Your Voice Is Heard
In order for a democracy to work,
people need to vote.
Voting is the most effective way to
have your voice heard.
Important elections that will certainly
shape the future of our nation and
state will be conducted over the next 18
The deadlines to register to vote for
these elections are fast approaching.
Though the deadline to register in
time for the 2015 primary election for
Louisiana has passed, the deadline for
the 2015 general election is October 21.
Early voting for those who are already
registered for the primary will be held
October 10-17.
Making sure you are registered to vote,
and more importantly, that your children
or grandchildren are registered, will help
stop a growing trend in our nation.
According to Rock the Vote, the largest
nonprofit and nonpartisan organization in
the country driving the youth vote to the
polls, more than 84 million Millennials
will be over the age of 18 in 2016.
However, even though Millennials are
the largest group in our country’s history
— bigger than Baby Boomers — they have
the potential to be the largest voting bloc
in our country. But they are voting at a
fraction of their size, with an estimated
30 million young people staying home
during the 2012 presidential election.
There are several ways to make sure
you are registered:
• Online at http://www.sos.
• Register by mail by completing
the Louisiana Voter Registration
Application, located at http://www.
and mailing it or by delivering it in
person to Lincoln Parish’s Registrar of
Voters office located at the Lincoln Parish
• Or in person at the Union Parish
Courthouse Annex, Office of Motor
Vehicles, Department of Social Services,
WIC, food stamp and Medicaid offices,
as well as offices serving persons with
disabilities and armed forces recruitment
When registering, you must have an
updated state driver’s license, and in
some cases your birth certificate or
reasonable documentation establishing
identity, age and residency.
Voting is not a right. It is a privilege
that is worth fighting and dying for.
And in an ironic twist, voting is the only
way to maintain that privilege.