Letters for 09-02-2015

Take Steps To Protect Pets
Pets are man’s best friends.
In most families, pets are considered
an extension to the family.
And just like we treat our family
members the way we want to be treated,
pets are no exception.
Leaving pets in cars is never safe
— especially when the weather gets
hot like it has been in Union Parish all
A vehicle can reach triple-digit numbers
when left outside too long.
According to veterninaryclinic.com,
a site dedicated to animal safety, in
90-degree weather, the inside temperature
of a car can reach 109 degrees in 10
minutes and 124 degrees in 30 minutes.
In 95-degree weather, temperatures
can reach to 129 degrees in 30 minutes.
The recent temperatures we’ve had
in Louisiana have caused temperatures
inside vehicles to become equivalent to
that of an oven.
For those wanting to leave their pets
in the car and think window’s cracked
open can help, they do not.
Studies have shown that cars with
the windows cracked still reached the
same temperatures as those with the
windows closed.
And for those who park under shade,
dogs can succumb to heatstrokes then,
Some pet owners feel that leaving air
conditioning on with the car running is
a safe alternative — not exactly.
According to petfinder.com, leaving
the air conditioner on and the car running
is a risk because the air conditioner
can break and there is the possibility
of noxious fumes building up.
It is better to have a friend take the
dog outside while running errands,
leaving the pet at home or going to petfriendly
And for those trying to help a pet left
in a hot car, there are a few things that
can be done:
• Take down the car’s make, model
and license plate number and report to
the police
• If there are businesses nearby, notify
their managers or security guards
and ask them to make an announcement
to find the car’s owner,
• Or, if the owner can’t be found, call
the police or animal control and wait
by the car.
There is no reason to leave a pet
inside a car. Suggesting that it is cooler
outside does not make a difference to
the temperature of the car. So be sure
to keep you family pets safe for the rest
of the summer.