Letters for 10-12-2017

New school represents future of parish
Amy Littleton was almost apologetic
when she tried to explain the significance
of what the new Union Parish High School
represents to her.
Chances are there are many who share
her sentiments.
Littleton is a graduate of what was
then Farmerville High School. She went to
Louisiana Tech to earn a degree in teaching.
She never gave a second thought to where
she was going to ply her trade.
“I never had any question about wanting
to return to Farmerville and repay the parish
and the people who provided me with an
education,” Littleton said.
She worked for 15 years to help mold
students in schools that were dramatically
lacking. Two times in three years prior to
2014, voters in Union Parish had soundly
defeated tax proposals that would have
provided revenue to improve those aging
With dozens of others, Littleton was
crowded into the Union Parish School
Board’s meeting room when results from
the 2014 tax package put before voters were
being tabulated. When the final results were
in, Littleton started crying. She knew how
important the package was to the future of
children from across Union Parish.
Two weeks ago, the tears returned when
she took her first tour of the new $28.5
million Union Parish High School.
“I was walking down the hallway, just
crying,” Littleton said. “It was something we
never thought would happen.”
Again last week, as she talked about
that experience, the tears returned. She was
relating the story of how her eighth-grade
students reacted when she took them on a
tour of the new school. Several times, she
used the word overwhelmed when describing
the students’ reactions.
With their approval of the 2014 tax
package, voters across Union Parish
generated a great boost for the parish school
system. Not just to outdated, inadequate
facilities, but to the morale of students.
Since that election, dramatic improvement
in school and student performance scores has
been realized. New brick and mortar projects
like the high school and improvements to
Union Parish Elementary and Downsville
Community Charter schools have provided
the children of Union Parish, who represent
the future of Union Parish, the same
opportunities as children in far larger and
more affluent school systems in our area.
Our hope is that there will be at least one
or two students who before they graduate
realize their calling to come home and
share their love of education with future
Littleton actually did apologize for crying.
We told her it was unneeded and appreciated,
because it indicated the passion she and
other teachers have for helping mold the
minds of our most previous natural resource.
Like Littleton and others, we thank
the voters of Union Parish for making the
investment. We pledge to use our platform to
insure the investment and progress that has
already started are protected and continue.