Letters for 11-27-2014

No Good Excuse To Not Vote
Early voting for the Dec. 6 runs through Saturday. We concur with Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedlerís suggestion that all eligible voters consider voting early.
ďThis is always a busy time of year with families traveling and time off of work, but itís important not to forget about the Dec. 6 election, especially with the congressional runoffs as well as many important local races. By casting your ballot early, you can vote on your own schedule when itís most convenient,Ē Schedler said.
Schedler is correct. Early voting may be the easiest part of the election process. Just go to the registrar of votersí office at the Union Parish Police Jury Annex., show your photo ID and vote.
Early voting dates through Saturday, Nov. 29 from 8:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. each day.
Local election officials say early voting is growing in popularity. Unlike the former absentee voting, when a voter had to attest that he or she was going to be out of town on election day or otherwise unable to get to the polls, voters donít have to have any special reason to vote early other than that they just wish to do so.
Absentee mail-in ballots are still available for students, service personnel and people age 65 and older.
And while overall early vote total is unlikely to match the number cast prior to the Nov. 4 primary, interest so far indicates voters realize the runoffs are important.
The local ballot is light, with just the 3rd Judicial District Division B judgeship, U.S. Senate race and property tax assessment for the parish health unit on the ballot.
That there arenít a lot of races or issues to be decided is no reason to not cast you ballot.
Donít make excuses. Go vote.