Letters for 04-28-2016

Show teachers thanks well deserved
When a tax proposal from the
Union Parish School Board to finance
construction and renovation projects
was approved by voters two years ago,
it marked a shift in what had become
an “Us vs. Them” relationship between
school officials and the public.
A majority of voters thankfully
could see beyond what many in Union
Parish saw as misleading actions
taken by previous school board and
administrators. They saw the need to
improve facilities and to beef up class
offerings was valid and real. They saw the
future of Union Parish is now found in
classrooms, among students today who
will be community leaders of the future.
Even before the first spade of dirt was
turned to improve the brick and mortar
structure of facilities, work started in
classrooms to make every effort possible
to create a better finished product –
students who have a good grasp of the
concepts presented to them for 12+
years. Test scores and graduation rates
have improved. To their credit, school
leaders aren’t patting themselves on
the back. They appreciate that students
are becoming better equipped for their
future, but realize there is still much
room for improvement.
Teachers and paraprofessionals –
what many remember as teachers’ aides
– are in the trenches daily. Officials far
removed from the classroom – if they
ever darkened the door after their own
graduation – are constantly tinkering
with what they teach, how and even when
they teach. And still they marshal on.
Teacher Appreciation Week by the
National Parent Teacher Association is
set for next week. We would be remiss
if we did not remind you to show your
appreciation for a job well done.
Our teachers spend countless hours
educating the future of our community.
Their impact extends way beyond the
boundaries of the classroom, as well
as, they can be pivotal role models
who guide students through doors of
opportunities and inspire their students
to be better community members.
We urge you to not wait for an
opportunity but to make one and show
your appreciation. Create or take part
in an events or activitiy to thank the
teachers. Even something as simple as a
thank you will do more than you realize.
They should be thanked throughout
the year. Hopefully every student and
parent in Union Parish will show their
gratitude toward their teachers