Letters for 12-01-2016

Fire chief urges passage of property tax renewal
The Farmerville Area Fire Protection
District has enjoyed the support of our
community for many years.
At one time we had to depend on the donations
of citizens and businesses to meet
our needs. In 2000, we saw the need for improvements
to our department. The voters
of the Farmerville Fire District approved
a tax millage dedicated to the Farmerville
Area Fire District operations.
Since that time, the tax millage was renewed
in 2007 and the district was expanded
once again to cover more citizens. This
expansion and the renewal of the mileage
resulted in the Fire Rating improving from
a class 9 to a class 4. These rating numbers
resulted in lower insurance rates for all
homeowners plus allowed us to acquire the
equipment needed to make us more efficient
in protecting the people of this District.
It is once again time to renew this millage
and we are asking the voters of the
Farmerville Area fire Protection District
to vote in favor of funding the needs of the
Farmerville Fire District. This is only a renewal,
not a new tax, and not an increase in
taxes. So please come out and vote “Yes” for
Fire protection so we can continue to give
the citizens of the Farmerville Fire District
the fire protection they deserve.
Billy Jung
Farmerville Fire Chief