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Spillway repairs completed
Tainter gate project now on deck
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The repairs to the spillway on Lake D’Arbonne are finally complete and the Bayou D’Arbonne Lake Watershed District is hopeful its next big project will be starting soon.

The repairs to the spillway, which included replacing one of its gates, cost a little more than $3 million and had to be completed before work on a new tainter gate system could begin.
According to Lake Commission president Steve Cagle, the tainter gate project is on schedule and state funding secured. He is hopeful that bids for the project will be taken in October.
Cagle said the spillway gates, which had been opened in August to lower the lake approximately two feet to complete the repairs, have been closed for four weeks. However, because of the lack of rain, the lake level was at 78.50 feet as of Tuesday morning. Pool stage is 80 feet.

“Right now we’re just needing some help from Mother Nature,’’ Cagle said. “We need about four or five inches of rain.’’

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