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Five students suspended for alleged sexual misconduct
Alleged incident occurred during school assembly
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SPEARSVILLE — Five Spearsville High School students have been suspended following an alleged sexual incident that occurred during school hours on Wednesday.

The alleged incident is being investigated by the Union Parish Sheriff’s Office.

“We don’t know if it’s a rape or a sexual encounter among consenting children,’’ Sheriff Bob Buckley said. “It could go either way. We got a call (Thursday) morning that there had been an indecent act at the Spearsville school and five kids have been suspended.’’

The students involved are fifth-grade students at the kindergarten through 12th grade school. According to investigators, the students were left alone during a school assembly.

Buckley sent a deputy and juvenile detective Marcy Cooper to the school on Thursday to begin the investigation.

“We’re still working on it,’’ Buckley said.

Union Parish Superintendent of Schools Judy Mabry had no comment on the matter because the investigation was ongoing.

The alleged sexual event occurred during an assembly that was called Wednesday to help students cope with series of incidents, including one that occurred Saturday night at a birthday party at the Bernice Civic Center.

An unidentified 16-year-old from Bernice was killed at the party when he was allegedly stabbed by 15-year-old Spearsville High School student Dorrian Morris, according to Buckley.

Morris was arrested and taken to Green Oaks Youth Center in Monroe. The alleged victim was transported to Tri-Ward Hospital in Bernice, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The Union Parish Sheriff’s Office was asked to investigate following a call from Bernice Police Chief Rickey Albritton.

“We’ve assigned two people to investigate and we’ve been interviewing witnesses from Monday afternoon on,’’ Buckley said. “It’s my understanding there were over 100 at the birthday party.”

Buckley said it is unclear what provoked the stabbing at the party that wasn’t a school-sanctioned event.

“We’ve had conflicting statements on what motivated the whole thing,’’ Buckley said. “One thing we heard was it was a running feud between people in Bernice and Spearsville since (last) September. We’re trying to figure out what motivated it and who was involved other than this one suspect.’’

According to one unnamed source at the school, the arrest of Morris was unsettling for many Spearsville High School students, already reeling from the death of student Steven Thompson two weeks ago in an automobile accident.

Thompson was buried last Saturday.

Wednesday Spearsville principal Frankie Futch called an assembly that counselors and preachers attended to help the students cope.

During that assembly, the fifth-grade class in question was left alone for 10 minutes following a miscommunication between teachers.

During that 10-minute period, the alleged sexual encounter occurred.

“We’ve had a tough week,’’ Futch said. “We’ve got the kid in Green Oaks charged with murder and this other incident. If I make it to June I will have had 52 years in this business and I’ve seen and heard everything so we’re going to make it.

“Our responsibility is to these kids and our job is to protect them. That will be our focus.’’

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