COVID-19 vaccine arrives at Union General Hospital

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On December 16, Union General Hospital received a limited amount of COVID-19 doses of the Pfizer/Biotech COVID-19 vaccine for hospital personnel only at this time. Hospital personnel vaccinations are, for the time being, by appointment only for hospital employees. Vaccinations were scheduled starting December 16 with the first vaccine being received by Evalyn Ormond, CEO of the facility.

Hospital personnel are being scheduled to receive the initial dose and the follow-up dose.

As of December 16, Union General Hospital is not currently offering the COVID vaccine to the general public. There is a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine available and the CDC and the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) has issued guidance that the vaccines first should go to health care teams that are exposed to the virus on a daily basis.

“Union General Hospital is committed to delivering the vaccines to our employees and frontline personnel in our facility in a safe, timely and strategic manner.” Evalyn Ormond, CEO stated, “Union General Hospital is hopeful that vaccinations will be readily available to everyone who wants the vaccine in the near future. We will keep the general public posted as to when we have ready availability to the general public.”

UGH is monitoring this situation as it evolves and will make sure that the community is notified and given the opportunity to receive a vaccine once the vaccine is made available to the public, consistent with CDC and LDH guidance. We do not have additional information at this time on when the vaccine will be available to the public, but will continue to keep the public informed as we learn new information.

The Pfizer product vaccine tested 44,000 people in its clinical trials. Pfizer stated, “the vaccine is over 90 percent effective and safety measures weren’t skipped in developing this vaccine.”

It is still necessary to continue following safety measures; wash your hands, wear your mask and social distance. We pray that this virus will be defeated and that the citizens of Union Parish and The United States of America will rise to the task of defeating the COVID-19 Virus.