Lake drawdown back on track after storms


Both Tainter gates are currently open to a level of 4 feet each, according to Bayou D’Arbonne Lake Watershed District Commission President Jake Halley. The maximum opening height of the gates is 10 feet.

“It’s still falling according to the drawdown,” Halley said. “We’re getting caught back up after all the rain from Beta. Nearly a foot of rain in some areas.”

The current lake level, according to USGS, is 78.33 feet, (Tuesday evening) which is slightly under the 80-foot pool stage.

Two days prior to Hurricane Laura making landfall, the lake commission, in conjunction with LADOTD, decided to preemptively open the Tainter gates ahead of the storm. Gates were opened to a level of 2 feet. This was the maximum amount they could be opened due to low water levels downstream. Lake level was approximately 6 inches below pool stage upon Hurricane Laura’s arrival in the area. “The gates are being monitored by the Lake Commission and the LADOTD to make sure we don’t exceed the 4-inch per day drop,” Halley said.