Votes are Needed Dec. 5


Did you know that for the past several months, the Union Parish Sheriff’s Office has been operating a Street Crimes Unit (SCU) with great success? This Unit is designed to combat narcotics, transportation of narcotics, street crimes and other felony crimes in Union Parish. The unit from week to week may concentrate on drugs and transportation of drugs while the next week conduct surveillance and investigate recent burglaries and thefts that occurred inside the parish. SCU is comprised of patrol deputies, patrol supervisors, narcotic officers, and reserve deputies.

The SCU is now a vital, proactive part of our safety in Union Parish.

On December 5, the Union Parish Sheriff’s Office is asking for your vote and support for the renewal of the one cent sales tax for law enforcement in Union Parish. This tax is for RENEWAL ONLY and not for any new taxes. You have been very gracious and supported this tax for the past 20 years.

This sales tax generates approximately $2.3 million or approximately 63 percent of the total operating budget of the Union Parish Sheriff’s Office. As you can see, this tax provides a significant amount of the operating revenue for the operation of the department.

Most of the revenue generated from this sales tax is used to pay the salaries and benefits for deputies and employees, purchase vehicles and equipment, update needed technology and provide needed training for the deputies. As you well know, over the past 20 years, cost of insurance, vehicles, fuel, uniforms, service weapons, training, along with the cost of living have increased significantly. However, there has been little or no increase of revenue for the Union Parish Sheriff’s Office. Through sound budget management, the Union Parish Sheriff’s Office has been able to operate without asking for additional funding. That is why it is so critical for the passage of this renewal. Without the revenue generated by this one cent sales tax renewal, it would greatly impact the operation of the Union Parish Sheriff’s Office. Potentially, layoffs would occur, services would be reduced and the overall safety of the citizens of Union Parish would be affected.

As you look at the direction this country seems to be headed in, the lawlessness, the violence, the destruction of both public and private property, the lack of respect for one another, and the total disrespect of law and order and law enforcement officers in this country is beyond belief. However, Union Parish is a great place to live, work, and raise our children. We truly believe the Union Parish Sheriff’s Office has provided outstanding law enforcement to this parish.

Each day and night, the men and women of the Union Parish Sheriff’s Office put on their uniforms and leave their families to serve and protect the citizens of Union Parish. Not knowing whether they will ever see their families again, they serve proudly for each and every one of us. They love this parish and its citizens and are willing to give their all for the safety and protection of its citizens.