Bevelyn Warren Hunter

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I am Bevelyn Warren Hunter and in the upcoming November primary I will be a candidate for Mayor of Farmerville. I want to share with the citizens my reasons for seeking this office. Farmerville is my hometown. Growing up here provided me with a solid foundation and education that molded me to pursue a successful career path. My core values, faith, and determination to navigate life’s challenges were given to me by my parents and amazing people and mentors in this community. From a very young age my passion to serve others has grown. It has been my life mission to live to learn - learn to grow - grow to give. Longing to represent my neighbors as an active collective voice motivated me to run for school board last year. Although I was not the successor, I learned a lot.

I am the oldest daughter of Jumelle and Bessie Warren. Happily married for 30 years to Daniel we have two daughters, Jacobie and Danni’ who, like their mom, graduated from Farmerville High School. I followed in my parents’ footsteps, attending Southern University in Baton Rouge where I earned a degree in Business Management. Later upon my return to Louisiana I obtained a Masters of Education with a Minor in Mathematics from University of Louisiana at Monroe. My career in business management, education, and the entrepreneurial arena spans 40 years of experience, working professionally across many states as well as Canada.

My decision to run for Mayor of Farmerville was made through a lot of prayer, visiting with family and friends, and talking with many concerned citizens who are also invested in improving our hometown. To be an effective public servant anywhere I realize one must have leadership skills combined with the willingness to listen to all people who also want to improve, grow and promote our town. To accomplish this requires a vital, 21st century leader with the ability to not only focus on solutions to the problems but, also to provide a progressive plan of action to address future opportunities. I am prepared to lead with the foundational core values my hometown provided me. I am committed to being the credible, capable, and ethical leader Farmerville deserves.

I love this community. I value my neighbors, and I believe that I can build relationships, partner with, lead and improve our developing economic performance and quality of life for all citizens. I believe that we have a unique opportunity to make strategic choices to improve Farmerville’s visibility and standing in Union parish, Northeast Louisiana, and the State of Louisiana. It is my promise to work with community leaders to develop a creative plan of action to connect with area, state, and national elected officials that will move Farmerville forward. My vision is for our hometown to flourish.

Yes, there will be challenges in this pursuit for change and hope. God is my guiding light and will continue to lead my endeavors. I am asking for your prayers and support.


Elect Bevelyn Warren Hunter - Mayor 2020