Cedar Creek A-B Honor Roll for Union Parish


“A” and “B” Honor Roll for the third 9-weeks of the

2019-2020 school year. The only students who are listed are those who live in Union Parish.

Please publish at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

All A’s

GRADE 7: Zoey Venters.

GRADE 10: W Wells.

GRADE 12: Sidney Wilhite.

A-B Honor Roll

GRADE 4: Avery Moon.

GRADE 7: Landon Burnham.

GRADE 8: Lucy Fisher, Brett Johnson.

GRADE 9: Brady Wade.

GRADE 10: Millie Venters.

GRADE 11: John-Barron Johnson, Gabriel Kenley, Logan Wade.

GRADE 12: Brooks Auger, Lydia George, Devin Jung, Dixie Venters, John Ross