Celebration of Moms – Norma Poston McKinnie

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My Mom, Norma Evelyn Poston McKinnie, was born Nov 14, 1919, and passed away Sep 4, 2014. She was the youngest of eight children by Robert Lee Poston and Tempie Ann Key.

Mom graduated from Spearsville School in 1936 and was voted “Most Beautiful.” She was still the “Most Beautiful” the day she went on to that mansion in the sky. I can’t imagine her joy when she saw her Lord’s face.

Now she is gone, I feel like an orphan, as though there is no one to take care of me. Makes me sad when I think of the additional time I could have spent with her, but had other less important things to do.

How many of us had an opportunity to tell our Moms that we love them and thank them for raising us the correct way?? I valued every day of her life. Which got me to thinking…

Recently at a funeral, I listened to individuals reminisce and pay tribute to a woman who was loved by many. They told story after story, describing her as the ultimate friend, and a woman who had lived life to the fullest. Genuine love and affection poured in from all over the country. The more I listened about how this lady had influenced those around her, the more discouraged I became.

I wanted to know why we as a culture, wait until people have passed away before we tell them how much we love them? Why do we wait until someone’s ears can’t hear before we let her know how much she meant to us? Why do we wait until it is too late before we recall the good qualities of a person? Why do we build someone up after she has gone into eternity? What good does it do then?

Yes, it does help us cope with the grief of losing someone special. And yes it does bring those who are coping closer together. However, our words fall short of the ears that most needed to hear them.

I would like to see a celebration of life – all done while we are living – instead of a gathering of death. A celebration where stories are told, eyes mist over, laughter rings out; a celebration where the special person realizes they have made a difference on this earth.

Then as the speaker concludes their loving tribute, the person being honored rises from her chair and gives the biggest bear hug! Wouldn’t that be something? Then when the inevitable funeral finally comes, we can say goodbye assured the deceased knew exactly how people felt while she was alive.

I now have a stronger resolve to tell those around me how much they mean to me. I am going to let my friends know just how appreciated they are, not only by my words, but also by my actions. I want to thank my mother for teaching me to value friends and relationships.

I am going to play with my great-grandchildren more often, and in the middle of our romping, I am going to grab them, hug them tightly, and tell them how thankful I am that they are mine. I am going to sneak into their bedroom, kiss those soft cheeks, and thank God for the bundle of joy they have brought into my life.

Each day I will make a point to tell my family how much I love them, whether they are four or 94! From there, I am going to let family and friends know the tremendous impact they have had on my life. Last but not least, I am going to let them know that I look forward to each and every minute that I get to spend with them.

Do you love someone? Then tell them! Has someone been an influence in your life? Then give them a call! Has someone made a difference in your life? Don’t let another day pass without letting that person know.

Then send a hand-written letter, NOT an email! There is something special about a hand-written letter, which expresses true care and appreciation towards another. I have letters and cards from people that I have saved for years; from time to time, I get them out and reread them. They can turn a depressing day into one where I realize just how blessed and loved I am.

Life is too short to leave kind words unsaid. The words we say, or the letters we write, might just make all the difference in the world.

This Sunday is “Mother’s Day.” Call YOUR Mom and tell her how much you love her and appreciate her... If she has passed to “that mansion in the sky”, say a prayer of thanks to her and to God for the opportunity of having her as your Mother.

Love you, Mom!!!! I still miss you every day.