Crow hops on mayoral candidate train

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After three terms, Farmerville Mayor, Stein Baughman, Jr. will not be seeking reelection. Five candidates have qualified to run for the open position on November 3, 2020. Local businessman John Crow is one of those candidates.

Crow claims deep roots in Union Parish. He grew up in Farmerville and completed his education here. Upon completion of high school, Crow immediately began work in his family’s local furniture store. Over time the business grew and so did Crow’s business interests. He ventured into real estate and other business endeavors.

As a local business owner, Crow says he knows the importance of growth, opportunity, and development, not only in retail, but industry, tourism and healthcare. “My number one goal for my administration as mayor is to improve Farmerville’s economic development,” stated Crow. “I am already in talks with local leaders about business recruitment to Farmerville. This will help with better paying jobs and improve our local community college. We have to stay focused on future opportunities.”

Crow credits his father, DeWitt Crow, with his desire to improve Farmerville through political office. “I watched the way my father carried himself in politics and business,” said Crow, “In his heart, my daddy just wanted to help people and I believe I inherited those same traits from him. I am running for mayor to help people. I believe the best way I can help the citizens of Farmerville is economic development, community clean up, and recreational and job opportunities for our youth.”

Having grown up here, Crow feels that Farmerville is a great place to raise a family. He and wife, Lisa Wilson Crow have committed to raising their children in Farmerville. “I don’t think there is a better place to live. We feel safe and enjoy the ability to hunt and fish,” said Crow, “and the beauty of Lake D’Arbonne is unmatched.”

Farmerville has so much potential and so much to offer both residents and tourists. However, Crow also realizes that in order to capitalize on the opportunities, some changes must be made. His main concerns are rebuilding the infrastructure, cleaning up the trash sites and roadways, and focusing on economic development. “What is promising about accomplishing these goals is that many other elected officials share these values too,” stated Crow.

Working together with other city officials and administrators is key in establishing goals and working together as a team to implement the changes needed to accomplish those goals. “My father taught me that in order to help people and get things done, teamwork is necessary. My daddy spent his entire life helping people and bringing folks together,” said Crow. “He never divided folks and he was my political mentor.”

Crow wants the citizens of Farmerville to know that as mayor he will work tirelessly to improve Farmerville. “I will use my connections in Baton Rouge and Washington DC to find funding to rebuild our roads and recruit new businesses and industry,” he said. “I want Farmerville residents to know that they can call me on any matter. ‘Call John’ is my campaign motto and I will answer any and every concern.”