Distance learning plan in place for DWCS


D’Arbonne Woods Charter School Executive Director Heath Murry knows there may be issues getting students to learn while they are not attending school in the traditional sense, the school has a plan to keep it’s students moving forward.

“We are implementing a Distance Learning program that will run to May 21, which is the original last day of school for students,” Murry said.

“During this time, students will receive a combination of on-line and hard copy instruction and assignments.”

Students in grades K-7 have received packets in the mail, and the packets have been posted on the school’s website (www.darbonnewoods.com) so they can be printed from home. Packets in grades 8-12 will be mailed as needed. “Our teachers are communicating with parents to work out internet accessibility issues.”

Murry feels they have the right plan in place. “We are confident that our Distance Learning program will be successful and will prevent us from having to attend school in the summer or come back early next year.”

In order to provide support for parents, the school has a plan for that as well. “We will operate a call center from 10 a.m. -2 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday through May 22,” Murry said.

Because there is no timetable yet for the COVID-19 situation, plans for graduation have not changed. “Our graduation is still scheduled for May 12, although we are looking at some other possibilities if needed.”