DWCS announces spelling bee winners

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Division I

1st Austin Grier 2nd Brooklyn Adams 3rd Cooper Campbell & Carsyn Rogillio

Division II

1st Wendy Mosqueda 2nd Paul Lemoine 3rd Axton Nolan

All participants who had to qualify to participate in the school bee

via a classroom bee:

Joley Bennett Austin Grier Seth Chapman Rory Driskill Lola Kate Scallan Carsyn Rogillio Moss Kennedy Dakhya Williams Cooper Campbell Brody Crain Avery Skains Brookly Adams Jackson Murry Laura Beth Bridges Hayden Mejia Sawyer Towns Layla Hudson Kierston Isaac Axton Nolan Abby Parker Gracie Walker Jax Parker Ian Donavon Paul Lemoine Maston Perkins Mia Albritton Owen Chapman Hayden Gray Wendy Mosqueda Jameson Novak Judges: Caleb Miller, Jiame Brown, & Mario Barrios Coordinator: Stephanie Miller Facilitator: Casie Parker