Education task force calls for universal access to dual enrollment


The Dual Enrollment Task Force the Louisiana Legislature established last year is calling for universal access to college coursework for all high school students. As it stands now, the availability and cost of dual enrollment classes varies depending on the school system.

Though it is unclear how much universal access would cost, Gov. John Bel Edwards’ proposed budget includes $5.5 million to increase the capacity of teachers to deliver college-level courses and fund mobile labs for community colleges to bring career and technical training to high schools, with a priority given to rural communities.

“[Dual enrollment] helps our students get a head start on college or their careers, it saves families money, it helps strengthen our workforce, and improves the chances that students will earn a high-quality credential,” Council for a Better Louisiana President Barry Erwin said. “To the degree that we can increase the education, training, and skills of our people, we increase the prosperity of our state.”

The task force’s final report is due Oct. 1.