FFD now member of Union 911

  • Smith

Farmerville Fire Department recently became an official member of the Union Parish 911 Commission.

Danny Smith, Director of the Union Parish E-911 Communications District, said, “We’re excited about having Farmerville Fire on board with Union 911. We have actually been dispatching for them the last 2 years, but now they are an official member.”

Membership has meaning for the Farmerville citizens. “This helps their fire rating, and it eliminates that delay. Instead of going to the City of Farmerville dispatch and then coming to us and then going over to Farmerville Fire, calls come directly to us. We then dispatch to FFD.”

The official membership strengthened the department’s fire rating, and there will be a small monetary contribution to the E-911 Communications District.

Smith did emphasize the biggest advantage is the reduced response time. “Anytime you can decrease the amount of time it takes to respond to an emergency, that benefits whoever is living in Union Parish. Or even those visiting our parish. That is the main thing. All of the ratings and some money is nice. But when you get down to it, you want to protect life and property. This will reduce that response time.”

The Farmerville Police Department is not part of Union 911, however. “We won’t be dispatching for their police department, like we do for Marion and Bernice,” Smith added. “This will be just for fire.” Union 911 dispatches fire and police for the other municipalities in the parish.

Smith also had strong praise for the FFD. “Farmer-ville Fire has been in the fire fighting business for a long time,” Smith said. “Billy Jung (FFD Chief) does an excellent job. He’s got some good firemen. And we have good fire departments all across the parish. And these fire departments can learn from one another, and it makes us all stronger.”