Just go ahead and tear it down

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America is gripped in the middle of a cultural crisis that has us witnessing the unraveling of the fabric that built our great nation. Racial inequality is listed as the basis of the current protests, rioting and illegal land grabs in Seattle.

While the identified intent of the protests is a noble gesture, the underlying objective is quite sinister. We are experiencing the early stages of anarchy and it is being disguised as protests for the death of a black man in Minneapolis and another in Atlanta. Behind the scenes there are those that want nothing less than a complete destruction of the America that we know. Some of this anarchy is spontaneous and allows some liberal individual that was standing in the wings to have the opportunity to flex his muscles and make a power play out of the disarray.

What is even more alarming is the coordinated effort to let the strife play out and then mold America in the form of earlier failed countries. The view imagined by these individuals is nothing less than socialism and communism. One aspect of this concept of revolution is to destroy the past. Failures happening in the future of the new government, then, has nothing great and noble to compare itself to. A new world order takes place from this point going forward and the defining moments of greatness provided by those that built the history of our great nation are lost. One part of cleansing the past is to destroy the art and monuments that depict the history of the country.

This wipeout of history is nothing new. In ancient Egypt a ruler, Akhenaten, came to power and infuriated the priests of the kingdom by declaring there was only one god, and that was the god of the sun. Monotheism was a revolutionary concept and not readily accepted in Egypt. Akhenaten also built the new centrally planned capital of Amarna and moved the capital from Thebes. Upon his death his son, Tutankhamen (King Tut), became the new King and he moved the country back to polytheism, the worship of multiple gods. Soon after Akhenaten died a major purge took place to remove his name from the history of Egypt. His belief in one god was so revolutionary that all evidence of it was to be purged. Carvings that depicted his name were chiseled clean while his statues were destroyed. It was not until the late 19th century, almost 3,500 years after his death, that Archeologist uncovered evidence that he had actually existed. With his death and subsequent destruction of statues and carvings, the history of monotheism in Egypt ceased to exist.

In modern times attempts to destroy monuments and symbols of a country’s history have taken place. When Nazi Germany was defeated by the Allies in World War II, the Allies destroyed monuments in an attempt to purge the past. In later times the Taliban destroyed gigantic Buddhist carvings in Afghanistan while ISIS destroyed statues and archeological sites in Syria. This form of purification is exactly what is happening today in our country and right in front of our own eyes. Ironically, as the U.S. is removing their statues Germany has just erected a new one; Lenin the father of the Communist Revolution in Russia is being honored. The same communist party that sent troops into Berlin, raped 1 million German women and ultimately led to 100,000 suicides.

The rioters in America do not care what is destroyed, just destroy everything. The 54th Massachusetts was the second black Union Infantry unit formed in the civil war. It received notoriety in the movie Glory. As protesters walked past the monument honoring these troops the monument was spray painted and desecrated. Abraham Lincoln, the man who freed the slaves and was ultimately killed for it, has had his statues attacked and damaged. For some reason that is lost to me, Teddy Roosevelt’s statue is being removed from the Museum of Natural History. The list goes on and on. I’m waiting for the next wave to hit and Washington and Jefferson will be the next victims.

It’s time that we take a tough stand about our legacy and our history. It’s also time to get history back into the schools so that our youth understand where they came from. Let’s wake up as to what is happening lest we wake up and we are living in an American version of Venezuela, or Cuba or Russia.

Tuffy Fields may be reached by emailing thelouisianaexplorer@yahoo.com.