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  • Submitted photo The photo above shows many of the awards “Bub” Sehon has received during his 63-year career with Marion State Bank.
    Submitted photo The photo above shows many of the awards “Bub” Sehon has received during his 63-year career with Marion State Bank.

In today’s modern era of instant gratification and moving on to the next best thing, most employers and establishments are lucky to get five, 10, or rarely 20 years of service from an employee. In some very rare cases of dedicated service, some may have an employee for 25 or 30 years.

However, there is one rare soul who has dedicated himself to the service of Marion State Bank and Union Parish for 63 years. Yes, you read that correctly. Meet George Vance Sehon, known to friends, family, and the citizens of Union Parish, as Mr. Bub. Mr. Bub was born in Haile, on February 25, 1933. His father, C. W. Sehon was the depot agent in Haile. When the depot closed the year George was born, C.W. found employment at the bank in Marion. Bub grew up in Union Parish watching his father report to work every day at the bank and learned the value of hard work and dedication. Sehon graduated from high school in 1951 and graduated from Louisiana Tech in May of 1955. In November of 1955, Sehon went into the Army where he served two years of active duty.

Sehon’s fatherin-law was a farmer and in 1957 he wrote a letter requesting the release of his son-in-law in order for him to help on the farm. This resulted in his exit from the Army three months early so that he could report to the farm and help his father-inlaw. However, farming was not in the cards for Sehon. He left the army on August 21, 1957, and started work at Marion State Bank for his father on September 3, 1957. “There were only two people working at the bank when I started,” states Sehon, “my dad and one other gentleman. When I started that made three of us.” As you can imagine, starting at the bank in 1957 and devoting himself to the service of Marion State Bank and the citizens of Union Parish, Sehon has seen many changes through the years. “Technology is probably the biggest change I’ve dealt with,” says Sehon, “we didn’t have computers in 1957. We had two posting ledgers which we had to balance.” Sehon was a clerk from September 1957-January 1961 at which point he was promoted to Assistant Cashier. He served as Assistant Cashier and Cashier from January 1961-January 1968. His hard work paid off when he was moved up to Vice President and Cashier in January of 1968. Sehon says they got their first computer in 1970 and really began focusing on helping the bank and the community grow. Sharon Turner who started as a bank teller at Marion State Bank in 1981 and is now a Vice President and direct Administrative Assistant to Mr. Sehon has also seen many changes and improvements during her time at the bank. “Mr. Sehon has always been an incredible asset to Marion State Bank and the citizens of Union Parish, and his most valuable contribution has been his willingness to lend to those citizens, business owners, and workers in Union Parish. His willingness to help them, has helped grow this community and parish,” says Turner.

Marion Mayor, Danny Smith, a life-long resident of Marion, has had plenty of experience with Mr. Bub. “There is no doubt he has had a major impact on all of Union Parish,” Smith said. “As the mayor of Marion I am so proud that Marion State Bank has its roots in our town. It is a source of pride for the people of Marion and for me personally.”

“I think of him as a true southern gentleman,” Smith continued. His willingness to talk and listen have had a big influence on me personally as well.”

On January 6, 1982, Sehon followed in his father’s footsteps and became President of Marion State Bank.

Sehon’s contributions to Marion State Bank and Union Parish have not gone unnoticed. In 1980-81 he was awarded Outstanding Leadership as Bank President by the Bank Administration Institute. Sehon was awarded Citizen of the Year in Marion in 2005, Businessman of the Year in 2008, and countless other recognitions and awards including an Expression of Commendation from The State of Louisiana House of Representatives in January 2013. Sehon’s favorite recognition came during 2007 when he was celebrating 50 years of service and Marion State Bank was celebrating 100 years of operation. “That was a very exciting and rewarding time and I felt so honored,” says Sehon.

Listening to Mr. Bub talk about Marion State Bank and Union Parish the fondness and pride he feels are evident in his voice. He chuckles as he recalls one of his favorite memories from the bank, “In 1993 a deer jumped through my office window and tore up the place. Wildlife and fisheries had to come and get her out.” He erupts into a full laugh as he says, “there sure was doe in the bank that day.” Hearing Sehon reminisce about his tenure at Marion State Bank, his love and gratitude for Union Parish are evident, “Union Parish has been my home for 87 years and it means everything to be able to call this parish and these people my home.”

Turner has seen the service and dedication of Sehon over the years and she can attest to his hard work, love for the people, and love for his job. She describes Sehon as kind, steadfast, and helpful, “he is always willing to help,” says Turner, “Mr. Sehon has loved every minute of helping all the customers that have been with Marion State Bank. He is also very wise and gives good advice in all situations as well as being an excellent role model for his employees and never hesitates to show appreciation for us.” It is easy to see that customers, employees, and citizens love Mr. Bub and appreciate his contributions to Marion State Bank and Union Parish.

Mr. Bub celebrated his 87th birthday yesterday. There will be plenty Union Parish residents that will say Happy Birthday, Mr. Bub.

George V, “Bub” Sehon, he is the true gift on his birthday.