MSB appoints Sehon Board Chairman, Jones President and CEO

  • Sehon
  • Jones

Marion State Bank is pleased to appoint George “Bub” Sehon the new Chairman of the Board, following the loss of Bobby L. Green, effective immediately.

Affectionately known to most as “Mr. Bub”, Sehon will transition from his 38-year role as President and CEO to the Chairman’s seat. His multi-decade commitment to the bank, its employees, customers and communities is unparalleled, making this an unquestionable decision.

Subsequently, the Board of Directors announced that Scott G. Jones as the new President and CEO, to succeed Sehon, effective immediately.

Mr. Bub stated, “Marion State Bank has been my life for the last 63 years and I have enjoyed every moment of it. I have enjoyed working with Scott Jones for 40 of those years and know that he is very deserving and capable of being the President of Marion State Bank. He will lead and serve this bank along with our communities’ needs for many years to come.”

As a La. Tech graduate, Mr. Bub began his career with the bank in 1957 with only three employees, under the guidance of his father and former President and CEO, C.W. Sehon. He also completed the Graduate School of Banking program at Louisiana State University in 1964. He held titles such as Clerk, Cashier, Director, Vice President, and Executive Vice President, subsequently being promoted to the President and CEO in 1982.

Mr. Bub remarkably continued his father’s legacy as well as the former Presidents and Board Chairmen. He fearlessly led Marion State Bank from having $12 million in assets to over $180 million, and conquered multiple recessions and the mortgage crisis of 2008. Under his leadership, the bank grew many times over, from only operating out of the Main Office to now operating six locations total with Retail branches located in Marion, Farmerville, Sterlington and West Monroe, with a Deposit/Loan Operations center in Marion, and a Mortgage Loan Production Office in Monroe.

Jones began his career at Marion State Bank as a teller in 1978 and was subsequently promoted to the bank’s Executive Vice President in 1989. This was a unanimous decision given Jones’ long-serving position with the bank and his broad understanding of community banking.

Not only was Jones instrumental in the extensive growth of the bank, including the opening of three Retail locations, but he also led the bank into the development of its first ever mortgage company.

Jones has worked tirelessly to modernize the bank’s infrastructure by establishing mobile banking and growing the staff, operationally, and even hired the bank’s first general counsel, marketing director and IT manager.