New UP school superintendent chosen


Local realizes 20-year goal

  • Fine

During a special meeting of the Union Parish School Board Thursday, members voted in a new District Superintendent.

Kristy Auger-Fine, the district’s current Director of Government Programs, was selected by a 7-2 vote. Fine and Morehouse Director of Government Programs, Jesse Winston, Jr., were the two nominees.

Outgoing Superintendent Ted Reeves’ last official day is June 30.

“I’m excited about this,” said UP School Board President Shannon Barkley. “Kristy is from the parish and has a lot of knowledge in different areas. She’s been a teacher, a principal and in administration in the district.”

Barkley anticipates the new superintendent being able to hit the ground running. “I look forward to her ideas and plans on turning our school system around and heading us in the right direction.”

Fine, who grew up in Union Parish, is ready for the task ahead.

“I’m extremely excited about this,” she said. “I’ve been working in this district for 21 years.” The 44 year old has spent basically half of her life working in the parish school district.

“It does have its advantages,” she said. “The community knows me. I have a great rapport with the community. I think that’s what set me apart from the others. I can jump right in and start to work instead of having to learn the area.”

Fine has three areas she plans to address immediately. “I want to secure the trust of the community. Address the re-opening of schools around COVID-19 guidelines, and work out our fiscal issues.”

Fine will attend meetings this week concerning what will happen with schools in the fall. And she’s beginning her work on learning how the Cares Act will help with the fiscal shortfalls of the district. Working with the community, she feels that will just be a continuation.

“I feel my relationship over the last 21 years will continue,” Fine said. “I’m going to have our students’ best interest at heart. I want to make sure everyone has a voice.”