Qualifying ends, establishes candidates for local offices

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Qualifying for the upcoming election November 3 ended July 3. From President on the national level to mayors and constables on the local level, many decisions will be made on that day.

While how we vote for everyone has yet to be determined, who will be on the ballot has been initially decided.

At the local level, residents of Farmerville and Union Parish will decide on the offices listed below (among others to be listed at a later time).

Quite a few offices have the incumbent running unopposed, while two key spots in the town of Farmerville have the incumbent stepping down. Mayor Stein Baughman, Jr., in office since January of 2009 is leaving office with health issues. And alderman Jerry Taylor, after 44 years of service to the town, having been elected in 1976, is leaving office.

Taylor, a fixture for 11 terms, said it’s time. “I’ve served this town well for 44 years,” Taylor said recently. “I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, but it’s time for someone else to have it. The mayor and I are going out together.”

Not one seat on the town council has an unopposed candidate, and there are five candidates for mayor.

All three district judges and the District Attorney are incumbents running unopposed. Bernice native Judge Jay McCallum, currently a Louisiana Appeals Court judge, faces one opponent in his bid for a seat on the Louisiana Supreme Court.

The three incumbent Justices of the Peace and Constables are also incumbents running unopposed.

But there will be plenty to decide November 3, when it comes to our political leadership.

Stay tuned.