Report: Louisiana tax climate ranks 10th worst in U.S.

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Index.” But several states do without certain major taxes, such as corporate income, individual income and sales.

Many of the highest-rated states lack one of these major taxes, although some states that levy all the major taxes had high scores. That’s because their tax structures feature low rates and are broadly levied, the foundation reports.

Louisiana ranked 37th for its corporate tax, 32nd for individual income taxes, 48th for sales taxes and 33rd in the property tax category.

The states at the bottom of the ranking tend to have complex, non-neutral systems for raising revenues, along with relatively high tax rates, according to the authors of the analysis.

Louisiana finished 41st in a new study by the Tax Foundation showing which states are best at structuring their tax systems.

All 50 states tax private property and unemployment insurance, according to the foundation’s analysis, which is titled the “2020 State Business Tax Climate