Russell elevates her training

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    Courtesy Photo

Union Parish Elementary School Principal Nettie Russell just completed a year-long training program with the National Institute of School Leadership.

Russell, the first and, so far only, Union Parish participant in the program, has been the principal at UPES for two years, but an item on the agenda for a special school board meeting Thursday shows she will be moved to the Central Office as Interim Director of Federal Programs for the remainder of her contract, effective immediately.

New UP School Superintendent Kristy Auger-Fine was the Federal Programs Director prior to her selection as superintendent.

Russell attended meetings twice a month as part of her training. Once restrictions from the Corona Virus pandemic went into affect, those meetings became virtual.

“This actually helped me prepare for the upcoming school year in a unique way, Russell said. “I was able to get real experience in a virtual learning environment, which is part of what we’ll be doing with our students.”

The program was very strategic and research heavy. The three main focus areas were: high-quality aligned instruction; high-quality teachers and teaching; high-performance organization and management. The group studied not only education, but successful businesses and industries to discover best practices for success.

“I would definitely recommend it for other administrators and school leaders,” Russell said.

“The program focuses them on curriculum issues and staffing, along with other issues,” Fine said of the program. “The goal is to elevate students to be college and career ready.”