A taste of the future?

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America is in a precarious position. This in turn has placed Americans in a confusing and uncomfortable position. In the times of strife, many of us have heard the term that “this too shall pass.” The same can be said of our current situation; at least it is hoped that the proverb comes true.

COVID 19 has prompted changes to our life and has required government intervention that has not been witnessed in the history of our magnificent country since World War II. In a country that was built on individualism, Tuff freedoms and liberties, we have been forced to weather the hardships that have not been witnessed since World War II. A great debate exists about the applicability of several mandates that have put into place to fight the China Virus also known as COVID 19.

Science and medicine tell us we must wear masks and observe social distancing. This makes sense as it is the tiny droplets we exhale or the waste we spew from coughing lungs that the masks are made to stop or slow down. While the masks are seen by many as required others feel this is a government mandate that is simply a way to flex its muscles, control the population and run over the right of selfchoice that we have all enjoyed since the birth of our nation. Even though there is anger from both arguments as to how far this mask mandate should be instituted into the general population; the decisions, deployment and enforcements are being determined at the centralized governments at the state level. Recommendations come from the Federal Government but the states control their own destinies.

America went into shutdown in March. It was not a full shutdown as the government determined what stores could remain open due to need for the general population. After a certain period of time the nation began to reopen. Recommendations from Federal agencies were provided to each state but it was very apparent that each state wanted the freedom to open themselves up. This makes sense as we live in a remarkably diverse country and there is no one-size-fitsall deployment method to turn our country up. Unfortunately, there were errors made that caused a large part of the population to decry unfair selection of what should be reopened By while others Fields wanted the country to remain closed. Restaurants slowly opened while gyms, spas, hairdressers and other businesses remained closed in some states while other states opened them. Many members of our population could not understand the reason to keep these closed while neighboring states were open. Those that did open were cautiously restricted and followed strict scientific recommendations for distancing. These small businesses must be confused when airlines have reopened and some are filling planes to capacity. The regulators are mandating safe distancing for some business sectors while other sectors are immune. Just as confusing amid government-regulating breakdowns are the riots across America with no social distancing call-outs or even a comment on how this will transmit the COVID virus. This is confusing to many unless one looks at the riots as advantageous to political aspirations and thus COVID concerns vaporize.

The Federal Government moved quickly to prop up the economy following the nationwide shutdown. Unlike the efforts of the Bush stimulus checks which took too long to distribute and the Obama stimulus shovel ready projects that never materialized, the current stimulus checks and unemployment stipend payments were launched immediately and saved the United States economy. Speed took the place of efficiency and everyone received the same amount regardless of geographical location and economic requirements of the local environment. Now as Americans are being weaned from the American breast, there is major discussion about how much the Federal government will pay, how much the states will pay and what the final payout is. Additionally, there is debate as to adverse effects perpetrated on the economy due to stimulus payments being too much of a good thing. Such is the way a bureaucratic society works.

Anyone visiting the local grocery stores have noticed empty shelves and depleted items in the stores that the government felt were necessary to open. Many of these stores are being manned by men and women that must work to keep food on the table while wearing the uncomfortable masks all day and doing what must be done to keep America running. No one is genuinely happy in this situation.

The day will come when all this ends. Public safety will no longer be the single most important driver of our great nation. We will once again dine out without fear of contracting COVID. We will fill movie theaters and be entertained with the enjoyments we once experienced. Schools will be filled and we will cheer tremendously for the local football teams from the packed stands. It will take an effort from the world but yes, this too shall pass.

The fundamental question that must be asked is, “How do you like the situation we are currently in?” Well you have just had a taste of socialism. I for one do not like it one bit. I like my freedom and do not want to relinquish one aspect of it.

Tuffy Fields may be reached by emailing thelouisianaexplorer@yahoo.com.