Taxes passed


Parish, Town pass millage assessments


By Byron Avery


At regular meetings over the last 2 weeks, both the Union Parish Police Jury and the Town of Farmerville approved resolutions to levy their annual millages on property owners.

The town council approved 8.8 mills for the general fund and 7.9 mills for fire protection facilities.

On the Police Jury side, millages were approved as follows: general fund, 2.79 mills; road construction (construction and improvements of roads and bridges), 5.13 mills; road maintenance (roads and bridges), 6.15 mills; Council on Aging (maintenance), 1.63 mills; Union Parish Library (operation and maintenance), 2.4 mills; UP Library (support), 1.0 mills.

According to Union Parish Tax Assessor Lance Futch, one mill is currently valued at 1/1000 of market value of property owned.

So, for example, the 8.8 mills for the Town would be .0088x1000 for every $10,000 in property value owned inside the city limits, or $8.80 for every $10,000. “This is a reassessment year,” said Futch. “Real estate is assessed every four years and personal property is assessed every year. Even if the millages stay the same, the taxes could change because of reassessment.”

For the entire parish including all municipalities:

Total assessed value     $190,587,448

Less homestead              $35,623,448

Total taxable value        $154,964,105

For Inside the city limits of Farmerville:

Total assessed value    $28,417,632

Total taxable value       $28,417,632

Homestead does not effect the city taxes.  

All land is assessed at 10 percent of market value. Residential structures are assessed at 10 percent of market value. Commercial structures are assessed at 15 percent of market value. All figures are based on the certified 2019 Grand Recap. 

Businesses inside Farmerville are assessed millages for both entities, since Farmerville is inside the parish. The road millages for the parish, for construction, improvement and maintenance, total 11.28 mills. That’s $11.28 per $10,000 in market value. Union Parish has roughly 1,000 miles of road.