Vehicle burglaries being investigated by Farmerville PD


The Farmerville Police Department is currently investigating a large number of vehicle burglaries that have been committed inside the city limits in the last 10 weeks.

Suspects are forcing entry into most vehicles inside the city by shattering the vehicle windows and stealing purses, wallets, firearms, etc. Some of the vehicles were left unlocked.

“We are looking at multiple suspects,” FPD Chief Bim Coulberston said Tuesday. “We won’t stop until we find who’s doing this and stop them.”

Most of the burglaries and vandalism have been found the following mornings.

Suspects are believed to be on foot and all took place during night hours. These have occurred throughout the city on streets such as Betty, Truman, Lafayette, Ruston, East and West Jackson and several others.

If you have any information on these vehicle burglaries, contact the Farmerville Police Department or Crime Stoppers of Union Parish at 368-9679.