UP virtual learners to get free home meal delivery


Hybrid learners will take meals home

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Union Parish High School began classes Tuesday for the 2020-21 school year. The building, along with the other schools in the parish, has been empty since March.


Union Parish School Board’s Child Nutrition Program will be offering free home meal delivery to district students who live outside of Farmerville and who have elected to attend school virtually. Students who live in Farmerville may pick up their meals at their schools from 10:30-1:00. Before meal pick up or delivery can be set up, an application must be completed and returned to the school or emailed to lindsayr@unionpsd.org or farrisn@unionpsd.org. Hybrid students will receive meals to take home and will not be required to complete the application. On Tuesday, Group A students will receive meals for Wednesday, and on Thursday, they will receive meals for Friday and Monday. On Wednesday, Group B students will receive meals for Thursday, and on Friday, they will receive meals for Monday and Tuesday.

For virtual learners living outside of Farmerville, each Monday, beginning September 14, 10 free meals (5 breakfasts and 5 lunches) will be delivered to each registered student who has completed the required application. UPSD’s Child Nutrition Program has partnered with its transportation department to make these deliveries using school buses. Home deliveries will begin shortly after 8 a.m. and will continue until every registered address has been visited.

Robby Lindsey, Child Nutrition Director and Transportation and Maintenance Director for Union Parish Schools, has worked tirelessly to ensure this program runs as smoothly as possible. “I want every student and family to understand that there is no cost to them,” said Lindsey, “We are bringing food directly to their homes and this is not the same food that was being delivered before. The Union Parish High School and Elementary School cafeteria staffs are preparing these meals.”

All food received by direct delivery or those sent home with hybrid students must be refrigerated immediately. Students will receive various items that will need to be treated differently to ensure the quality, safety, and nutritional value of the meals being provided. Lindsey wants to make sure that all families are aware that someone must be home to sign for the meals. “Each meal delivery must be signed for and it can be a parent or any student over the age of 10 years old,” Lindsey said. “These meals will have special instructions each week. They must be refrigerated and cannot just be dropped off,” Lindsey emphasized. All students, parents and caregivers should follow all label instructions on the various products as well as any additional instructions provided with the food.

Lindsey is encouraging every virtual learner outside Farmerville to complete the application as soon as possible. “We do not want to leave anybody out,” Lindsey said. “There is really no deadline but we can not deliver until we have a completed application and we are starting food delivery on Monday so it would be in their best interest to get that turned in as soon as possible.” That application can be found on the Union Parish School District website. Go to unionpsd.org and then click on the Grab-N-Go Meal Sign Up link. Any questions or concerns should be directed to 318-368-9715, ext. 1105 or 1121.