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New Beginnings

  • Charlette Madden
    Charlette Madden


Don’t you just love new beginnings? They always bring such a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of purpose to everyday life. With new beginnings the world is suddenly full of new opportunities, adventures and excitement. But perhaps the most wonderful part of new beginnings is the chance it affords to meet new people and make new friends.

When we are young, we get new beginnings at every turn. New schools, new school years, new extracurricular activities, new friends and new relationships are just a few of the new beginnings that children, teens and young adults experience with great frequency. As we get older, however, those new beginnings began to be few and far between. We finish our schooling, find a mate and get married, settle into a career, have children and settle into life. We do find some new beginnings as our children venture into new activities and interests and we can live out some of those new feelings through them. Sometimes, unfortunately, our relationships do not work out and divorce can bring about new beginnings as can unforeseen tragedies and situations.

But as we age, those new beginnings happen less and less often. So it is no wonder that in most cases when those new beginnings are waved in front of us, we run towards them with open arms and hearts.

I have been blessed enough to get the chance for a new beginning. I have been writing feature articles for The Gazette since January. I guess they liked my writing enough that a few months ago they decided to offer me a column that runs twice a month. Writing has always been an emotional outlet for me. I fell in love with the written word at a young age and from that point on, reading and writing became a passion for me. It was no wonder that I received a degree in English from Louisiana Tech. When all of the puzzle pieces fell into place and a full-time position became available at The Gazette, I not only ran toward the opportunity, but sprinted.

As a momma, I have always told my boys when they are faced with a new beginning or new situation, the best thing they could do was reach out to people and make new friends. You have gotten to know me a little bit over the past few months through my writing, but now that I am going to be a permanent fixture in Farmerville and Union Parish, I would love the opportunity to get to know all of you better and make some wonderful new friends.

With new beginnings comes lots of exciting changes and in the excitement, you can often convince others (ahem…read Byron) to make some changes as well. It is our intention to make The Gazette the voice of Farmerville and Union Parish. If it concerns you, it concerns us. If it means a great deal to you, it means a great deal to us. If it upsets you, it upsets us.

We want The Gazette to be your go-to place for news in the area. News of Lake D’Arbonne, advertisements, obituaries, announcements, school happenings, the place to find a yard guy, a plumber, or firewood for the winter and a hundred other wonderful finds in the local newspaper. We will diligently seek to meet the needs of Farmerville and all of Union Parish. We want The Gazette to be the friend you turn to when you need information and not only the newspaper but Byron and I as well. Starting Thursday there will be coffee and a nice place to sit and chat if you would like to come by and visit. We look forward to getting to know you better and becoming the true voice for our little piece of Heaven right here in Union Parish.