Donating plasma a strong option for COVID-19

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With over 40 years in healthcare, I have witnessed many challenging times. I do not think anything matches the pandemic that we are currently encountering. I’m a baby boomer and I must admit, we are not accustomed to sacrifices like the generation before us encountered. It is the time for all in our community to work together to aide our neighbor and friend in fighting this disease.

We have a team of individuals that monitors Union General needs and coordinates diagnosing and treatment of COVID-19. We work to secure treatments to aide in recovery of our patients. One of those options for treatment is convalescent plasma.

I’m sure that those reading this paper today have known of someone that either has struggled or is struggling with COVID -19. One of our frustrations at this time, is an inability to get convalescent plasma. Patients needing the plasma infusion TODAY are put on waiting lists because those donating are limited. We recently asked all of our recovered employees to donate plasma. One comment we heard was how there was no place locally to donate. Individuals had to drive to Monroe or Shreveport to donate convalescent plasma. Well, we heard this cry and are having a convalescent plasma drive here at Union General Hospital on December 15.

Recovered from COVID -19?

Want to save a life today?

Consider donating your plasma. It is easy as giving blood.

Convalescent plasma therapy uses blood from people who’ve recovered from an illness to help others recover.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized convalescent plasma therapy for people with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The FDA is allowing its use during the pandemic because there’s no approved treatment for COVID-19.

Blood donated by people who’ve recovered from COVID-19 has antibodies to the virus that causes it. The donated blood is processed to remove blood cells, leaving behind liquid (plasma) and antibodies. These can be given to people with COVID-19 to boost their ability to fight the virus.

Why it’s done…

Convalescent plasma therapy may be given to people who are hospitalized with COVID-19.

Convalescent plasma therapy may help people recover from COVID-19. It may lessen the severity or shorten the length of the disease.

If you’ve recovered from COVID-19, consider donating plasma to help others fight the disease.

Data from studies across the world suggest that convalescent plasma may lessen the severity or shorten the duration of COVID-19.

Please consider donating convalescent plasma-Contact Julie Duty, 368-7077 and schedule an appointment to donate on December 15. The donation will take about one hour. Call today!

Julie Duty is the Compliance/ HIPPA Privacy Officer and QA Director for UGH. Union General Hospital is committed to providing Access to Quality Care Close to Home in a safe environment to the residents of our community and surrounding areas, and to be recognized as the Hospital of Choice for Union Parish. As a community-based hospital, our priority for 45 years has remained the same - meeting the healthcare needs of our community through progress and a commitment to excellence.