Empowering voters to make their vote count


Each eligible voter should consider allowing their vote to speak loudly and mater-of-factly during the November election 2020. Voters have considerable power in their vote; to say who remain and who enters governmental office to serve the people.

People deserve better representation in our government. For too long we have entrusted our confidence in our elected officials to best represent us. But many people are frustrated with our current leadership. It is imperative we become selective with our vote. Effective leadership is required for change.

Consider, voting for the politician who will best serve all people effectively. It is paramount and extremely important to achieving appropriate political representation in expectation to increase social equality.

We must make our vote count by voting strategically. Voting strategically is to elect according to who best will represent on the issues for everyone. This country is crying out for strong leadership. Tear by tear shed in despair as the country await change. Change comes at a price to us all in creating a stronger place to live and enjoy.

The State of Louisiana and the nation is ready for a change in leadership. Change is presented in various forms. Because there is a gender imbalance, we can utilize our vote by successfully voting for women and women of color in the parish, state and federal offices. The remedy to political frustration lies in the power of our vote. Voting for the change that begins with you.

Our nation could best be served with encouraging voters that are not habitual voters to become purposeful voters. Our country deserves each voter to carefully deliberate on his/her vote in the November election.

Remember to cast your vote for the change you want to see in office.

Sharon Douglas Reed