Here we go – again

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Last week the United States Congress came together to pass a two trillion dollar aid bill to assist with the massive economic impact from the Coronavirus that had attacked the world. Fortunately, the United States was in one of the best economic situation’s in the countries history and is in a much better position to control the negative economic impact of the microscopic bug that has invaded our great country.

The biggest challenge that I have with writing an article four days before publishing is that with the world changing at the speed of light, something that I write may have changed before publication. This happened last week. I applauded the bi-partisan effort to get the economic stimulus bill passed. That was only partially correct. The Senate did an admirable job of working diligently together to pass the legislation and send it to the House of Representatives for ratification. That was when the train came off the tracks. The Senate bill went to the House during the weekend with expected voting and passage on the following Monday when the Speaker of the House returned from California.

In ancient Rome there was a tyrannical emperor named Nero. He envisioned himself as a great musician and would play a type of fiddle. One night the poorer section of Rome caught fire and the section of Rome, massive in size, burned out of control. It is said that Nero could see the enormous fire from his palace on a hill overlooking the city. Indifferent to the carnage below, he played his fiddle as he watched. Thus, the term Nero fiddled as Rome burned. That was the first scene I envisioned as word was received on Monday that the Speaker of the House had delayed the vote and wanted to introduce her version of the bail-out bill. Americans were suffering, the fire of Corona had kindled an economic decline not witnessed since the Great Depression and congress began debating at new economic package. What a disappointment to the men and women looking for a glimmer of hope in an increasing dark condition.

The speaker made a comment that the legislation needs to be passed quickly to help America and then the bill could be read and understood. This was the same comments made when the volumes of Obama Care were presented to congress and fortunately that type of socialized central control was not adopted without review. Neither was the economic stimulus package of over a thousand pages presented last week.

The purpose of the bill was to provide immediate relief to Americans caught in the economic downturn. It was not intended to provide legislation that is addressed in a normal congressional year. Pork that is added to normal bills in congress should not have been considered for entry in the emergency bill. Unfortunately, the dire situation was seen as an opportunity to ram legislation down the throats of those in need by holding the Senate hostage. Proponents of the additional legislation demanded sweeping change to America in exchange for passing the economic aid package.

Among the major add-ons that were added to attempt to socially architect change in America were: Federal funding of abortions; $25 million for the Kennedy Center for the Arts; $75 million for the corporation for Public Broadcasting, the same group that called to not carry the President’s daily Covid-19 briefing; restraining a medium-sized company that takes a federal loan from performing their constitutionally provided ability to oppose any union organizing effort; change voting laws to allow people to mail-in ballots for elections thus opening the door for fraud; increase the minimum wage to $15, which has been debated and defeated previously in various bills; require airlines to fully offset carbon emissions by 2025, thus greatly endangering the existence of a crippled industry.

This delay in support is intolerable. America needs help and politicians that use this crisis to obtain political benefit are not the patriots that founded and built this great nation. Let’s remain focused on what the need of the country is and not try to become devious and condescending to the wonderful citizens of our nation. We need help, not social engineering.

The delay of one week that we witnessed is unacceptable. When a ship is sinking, we don’t need to debate what the band will play as it slips under the water. Ironically, the Kennedy Center for the Arts was included in the bill and the day the bill was signed the musicians at the center were laid off. So, today the bill is touted as a unified effort on Capitol Hill. This is a way to lessen the impact to the nation and declare a bi-partisan effort. In fact, the bill should have been passed four days earlier than it did and instead of special groups receiving preferential treatment, that money should have gone to programs for the citizens of America.

And now the new fight will be taking place. The ink had not dried on the signature of the bill before the Democratic House announced we needed a fourth spending package. Without hearing from anyone in congress we can only imagine that a green bill that includes socially architecting and engineering of a new America based on socialistic values will be a major part of this bill. The bill will be introduced in a manner that will masquerade the true nature of the bill with the promise of saving a desperate nation and encouraging that the bill must be passed immediately.

Personally, I want our nation to return to the nation we had two months ago; a nation where the typical American has an opportunity to fulfill his or her dreams without big brother dictating how we live.

Pray for our country. We have a lot of hurt before us but just as we have suffered in the past we will emerge as a stronger more resilient nation. God Bless America.

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