If you think this is bad, just wait for what could come

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At this time we are in the throws of a deadly plague that will be viewed in the future as the Great Pandemic of 2020. People will talk of this as a time that tested America’s resolve and stressed a terrified world. History books will document this period of our history and numerous individual books will be written. We will be able to read truth and fantasy about the science of a virus, how we responded, the economic impact on America and the world and the effects of the epidemic on the mental health of a nation. Government essays are on the way and unfortunately hidden agendas will be masqueraded as fact. If America is not cautious, these hidden agendas will be used to fuel fundamental changes to our great nation.

Today we have had to sacrifice to fight an invisible alien that no one invited into America, no one welcomed it in America and everyone is suffering due to the overwhelming power of this microscopic creature. In an effort to thwart the progress of this silent killer, Americans have taken the advice of leaders from the political world, the scientific community and medical experts. Never in the history of the world has an entire country, for that matter the entire world, shut down its’ economy and socially disenfranchised the population.

At first many of the forced requirements were performed without question as America went into a hibernation mode; but America is not made to be a nation of couch potatoes. Even with the ability to entertain one’s self by way of television, multi-media and telephones; America’s DNA is one of socializing, movement and exploring. That is where we came from and that is who we are.

Today, after a month of “shelter in place” America is beginning to become anxious. That need to stray from the house grows. The desire to socialize becomes stronger as we desire to visit, to laugh, to shake hands and to hug close friends. There are now comments that government isn’t going to dictate how we live. Government is not going to command what we do, even if it is needed to protect our fellow man. After a month of selfquarantine, America is beginning to become restless. We just need to take a deep breath and become the adult in the room.

Traditional education has come to an end. Children are home as are the college students that filled our universities. For some this is the end of the school year while others will learn from online training. The social element of education is lost. We cannot congregate in groups of more than 10 people. Religious freedom has been suspended as we remember it. The government mandates for gatherings do not allow worshipping as we always have and thus the interaction between worshippers and the clergy has been thwarted. When we go to the stores many of the shelves are bare. No one, except those that may still be with us from World War II, has experienced this shock. Everything from toilet paper to dried noodles has suddenly disappeared from the stores leaving shelves bare. These shortages are scary, even though we realize the shelves will become stocked in the future.

In a capitalistic society supply and demand are dependent on each other to determine what will be produced and in what volume. This epidemic has thrown this concept out the window and we see many examples of an out-of-balance economy. Crops are rotting in the fields due to lack of workers and a lack of small stores to purchase the perishable food. Chicken is being dumped on the market, sold from refrigerated trucks, at ridiculous prices due to a changed distribution system. Milk is being poured on the ground and America is begging for food.

Medical service is being pushed to the brink of collapse while airplanes are grounded for lack of passengers. Once vibrant cities look more like ghost towns than hubs of energy, enthusiasm and optimism. All of this we do in the name of America and the government has mandated it. Guess what, it is needed and thank goodness we have a government that took these bold measures to stop this epidemic, and thank goodness we have an American population that willingly took the governmental advise and has probably saved a great nation. Thank goodness that America is also becoming antsy about the quarantining, social distancing and dictates from a central power because this is the fiber that built our country. We do have to suck it up for just a little longer and we can once again become free. We need this control today to insure our freedom in the future.

How many American’s would like our civil liberties to be controlled indefinitely to the extent that we are currently experiencing it. If you enjoy entertaining that type of government, WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF SOCIALISM. What if our supply chains were dictated not by supply and demand but by a central control system? If you think toilet paper is in short supply today just wait. Medical shortages experienced today would become commonplace as medical teams finally break under the stress. In an effort to control subversive activities, crowds would remain controlled at no more than 10 and picnics, family functions and funerals will be restricted to control the masses. Movies will be available but highly censored to address the great socialistic society. Education will encompass serving the government instead of creative thinking and having a government that serves the people.

As bad as the COVID-19 virus has been, perhaps it is also a wakeup call for those freedom-loving Americans that enjoy a nation unencumbered by the yoke of a depressant government.

Tuffy Fields may be reached by emailing thelouisianaexplorer@yahoo.com.