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America is at a crossroads. A contradiction between two alien philosophies of how a country should be administered serves to divide the greatest nation the world has ever witnessed.

Each school of thought has a roadmap to an endpoint that is polar opposite of what the other government will look like. These roadmaps tell much of the character of a nation and the maturity of its’ citizens. What are the two philosophies that threaten to tear America apart?

One philosophy will accomplish the following:

Levy high progressive income taxes. Increase taxes until there is a point that there is no incentive to become economically successful. Taxes will strangle the country as industry and then individuals struggle to pay the dues to the government.

Abolish inheritance. Remove the inheritance tax system and tax a child for what his parent’s successes were while alive.

Control of communication, transportation and media. Expand control of the mass media. To do so will then impact the minds of the citizens. Today this is the television and the Internet. Control transportation by imposing regulations and control the roads that the transportation will travel over. Control the funding and control the transportation flow. A federal police force would accomplish this.

Equalize labor. Impose rigid wage requirements and eventually everyone is paid the same except for the leaders within the government.

Monopolize and subsidize agriculture and industry. This serves to make industry totally dependent on the centralized government. What is produced will be identified by the government according to what the government feels the people need.

Control education and gov indoctrination in schools. Today we are seeing social philosophy mandated in school that does not reflect the beliefs of the majority of the country. Young impressionable minds with little knowledge of what is being taught, learn an ideology that is alien to American values.

The second philosophical approach to governing a country is based on freedoms of the individual. Though a person is left to make his own decisions, the involvement of government is reduced and thus a sense of individual security is removed when compared to the first philosophical approach above. In essence the first philosophical approach views the government as the parent that takes care of the child; the citizens of America. The second philosophical approach, below, is based on the citizens being an adult and not a child. The government provides the opportunity to achieve and not a guarantee that ultimately leads to mediocrity. This second philosophical view to governing a country is encapsulated in the Bill of Rights of the American Constitution.

The first amendment guarantees a freedom to worship as desired, freedom of the press to report truthful and honest news and commentary, freedom to assemble in a non-violent manner.

The second amendment allows the citizens of America the right to bear arms.

The third amendment deals with troops being housed in homes. This is not as big a problem as was possible in 1791 but is a right.

The fourth amendment Protects the citizens from unlawful search and seizure of property and unlawful incarceration. Political prisoners are not thrown into jail without cause.

The fifth amendment requires grand juries be called, protects from double jeopardy, self-incrimination and requires due process of law. Many countries do not require this and America is fortunate to have this amendment vs countries such as China, Russia and Iran.

The sixth amendment deals with criminal prosecutions, jury trial and the right to confront the person that is accusing a person of a crime.

The sixth amendment addresses common law suits and protects the citizen of a great country.

The eighth amendment is a major part of our rule that placed America as a unique form of government when written in 1799. It limited government in imposing punishment on a guilty person and directly addresses excess bail, fines and protects against cruel and unusual punishment.

The ninth amendment addresses non-enumerated rights and the 10th amendment discusses rights reserved to the states and individual people.

So now we need to ask ourselves which philosophy we desire for our great and noble country to be administered. The first philosophical approach identifies changes or proposals that are under development at this time. The second philosophical approach is the government we have lived under since the nation was founded. When the 10 articles were adopted they were quite revolutionary and provided a fresh approach to how citizens of a country were treated. The majority of the citizens of the world have desired to live under this form of freedom and government.

The six items of the first philosophy are not new and have been with the world for almost 180 years. They are six of the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto written by Carl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848.

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