A New Beginning

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By the time you read this, the election should be over and hopefully the outcome is apparent. We should at least know how the congressional seats are aligned and it is trusted that thepresidential outcome will quickly be determined. My wife and I voted early and as the election returns came in, we planned to be sitting around a fire pit on Lake Catherine near Hot Springs, Ark. A peaceful end to a very tumultuous 10 months.

This week America performed its’ Constitutional privilege and went to the polls. Amid a divided political landscape, a time that witnessed anarchy in the streets of the large cities and a point that in time may see an America that is foreign to the intent of our founding fathers. Or, we may observe a renaissance of the America that was forged in fire so many years ago.

The election will not become the end-all to the future of America. Instead it will be the beginning of what is to come; a catalyst that will spur the future of America.

It is imperative to understand that all elected officials are going to be sworn into their offices in early 2021. Without a doubt there will be cries of foul play from the side that lost the contest. It happened ad nauseum following the 2016 campaign and it will certainly be a part of the 2020 elections. This is not what America needs and this action is destructive to our great nation.

What needs to happen is for the losing party to stand up the day after the elections, put on their big boy pants or big girl panties and act like adults; not a spoiled child and attempt to explain the loss with a multitude of excuses. The bottom line is that the message portrayed was not what the majority of voters in a precinct, or parish/county, state or nation desired. Then instead of crying, lying and anything that leads to unrest; look to the future and determine how to best put the message forward in a manner that they feel will lead to victory. The single most important thing for a loser to convey is that as bad as it is to lose it is even more important to heal a hurting nation and put America first.

The year before I was born my father ran for mayor of Farmerville; and lost. He sat on the screened front porch all night and undoubtedly felt sorry for himself. As the sun rose the next morning my mother came down the stairs of their garage apartment and told him to get up off his sorry butt and quit feeling sorry for himself. He went upstairs and took a bath, dressed and went uptown. He shook the hands of those that had voted for him and then he shook the hands of those that had voted against him; twice. He said that was the day he became a politician. There was no whining or crying and there were no excuses nor hard feelings. The next year he was elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives. What has happened to so many of our parties where it is felt that lies and misuse of the countries trust is acceptable behavior when a candidate loses.

The winning party will have a quite unique opportunity. The party that has felt it has been unfairly treated for four years can gloat in a victory and feel that vengeance is theirs. Where is the adult in the room when this happens? This will only further destroy our beautiful nation. Instead, the winners in the election need to reach out and offer a handshake, or in our present situation a fist bump. Heal a divided nation and offer to work for a greater and stronger nation. The single most important thing for a winner to convey is that as wonderful as it is to win it is even more important to heal a hurting nation and put America first.

As this is read the day after voting, I only hope that we can get back to the business of growing a country. A country that provides the opportunity for our children to have the opportunity to be the best they can be. Not a country that believes it can dictate what a child should be and better knows what an individual needs instead of allowing an individual to make up its own mind and chart its own path.

God Bless America.