An Open Letter

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We have been unemployed, locked down, locked up and watched television until every fiber in our body screams to let me out. America, and the entire world for that matter, has watched as tired and exhausted men and women are suited up, covered, disinfected, and go forth and do battle with an enemy that has devastated the lives of the population of our beautiful planet. Unlike the men and women that put on the uniform of the United States military, the enemy is not human nor is it fought with guns and bullets and bayonets. Instead the enemy is so small that even the biological microscopes cannot see it and the ammunition used to kill this enemy is lacking the knockdown power of the assault rifle of the modern infantryman. Yet, the men and women of the medical corps continue to go forward day in and day out to provide help to the sick and hope for pleading families. Hats off to these wonder workers and fortunately a grateful nation has raised them up in prayer, extended the praise of appreciation and witnessed in awe what our health care workers have sacrificed for our nation.

While the medical workers deployed to take on the virus much as the infantryman is deployed to combat an enemy, there are a multitude of unsung heroes behind the lines that don’t carry weapons but insure that the men that do carry the gun have everything needed for success. It is said that for every infantryman on the front line of the battlefield there are five to six men and women

supporting them. These troops are the unsung champions that make winning possible. Like the military in a forward theater of operation, the war against the COVID-19 virus has the same logistical requirements.

We have an army of workers that are getting up every morning, putting on their clothes, donning

a facemask and climbing behind a checkout counter to ensure that Americans are fed and clothed. On occasion the look of concern or fatigue can be seen on the face of the worker but they are still there. As the checkers are seeing thousands of Americans daily their co-workers are working behind the scenes to ensure that food is on the shelves, trucks are unloaded and all the work is coordinated and administered.

The man and woman that climb into the cab of some cross-country or regional or local delivery truck are in league with each other as they travel tirelessly through the battlefield to deliver produce and products to a cautious society. Their mission is simple; ensure that America remains alive and prepared for a recovery that the world has never experienced.

At the front end of a supply chain that feeds a hungry nation are the farmers and ranchers raising the crops and growing the livestock. These are the stars that are awake before dawn to feed and cultivate and harvest and who are the first line of a long and complex supply chain that puts food on our table. This food must be processed and made ready to be placed on the shelves of stores across America. Though outbreaks of the Corona Virus are present at various processing facilities, workers continue to show up and get the food processed and on the trucks that go out to feed America.

The story of working America is immense and there is no way to include all those that are working behind the scenes to keep America alive. There is a resiliency in the American fiber that is alive and well. This spirit took a raw untamed country and turned it into the shimmering gem of a nation that we know today. It is the men and women of America that quietly do their jobs to keep the economy from falling off the cliff of destruction and into the abyss of despair.

To all these men and women, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU ARE DOING! Please consider this an open letter of appreciation to all that get up every morning and climb the hill.

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