Strength from our past

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The DNA of America is a strong bond of resilience, perseverance, freedom loving, and is divinely guided. The founding and building of our great nation was formed by a hardy lot that had the desire to live life in a new country where a person is allowed to pursue his or her desires, work hard, play hard and on Sunday kneel in prayer to God or whoever a person believes is the central point of their religion and give thanks for what they have received. This was not a prayer asking for more but a prayer of thanks and appreciation.

These men and women that carved a country out of wilderness wanted no more than to live free and have an opportunity to control their own destiny. Many would move west and fight the elements to establish a home for a family while providing a moral example for future generations. There were confrontations between the settlers and the indigenous people that occupied the land that the settlers wanted to live in.

One such man held the virtue of honesty and the intestinal fortitude to seek a vision and follow through until the vision was achieved, while living by a code that was built into the fiber of the man. A code that was not learned from books. He blazed a road into Kentucky in the 1700s and established a settlement that bore his name. As America flexed its muscles and declared independence from England he was building a life for his family and settlers in the wilds of a future state. Eventually he and several other men would be captured by the Shawnee Indians and taken prisoner. He learned that the British had formed an alliance with the Indians to take the Kentucky settlement. The British would then have a clear path to attack the beleaguered American patriots from the west and quickly end the revolution. Our settler, explorer and frontiersman escaped the Indians and over the next four days ran the equivalent of one marathon each day to get to the settlement before the Indians arrived. He did this, then prepared the settlement, alerted the militia and won the battle. Thus Boonsboro survived and Daniel Boone became a true patriot of America.

Despite overwhelming odds, physical deprivation and a hostile landscape Daniel Boone would not be denied and his family, friends and country benefitted from his sacrifice. This is not an isolated case. For over 200 years men and women have put their country above self interest and insured a strong nation. Today America needs to reflect on the people that came before it. Instead of asking what America can do for me we need to ask what we can do for America. The iconic Democratic President, John Kennedy, made this request at a time that Russia was pursuing world domination and America wanted to take a lead in the race to the moon.

We have a lot of disruptive influences in America today that have tainted our vision when we view the magnificence of our nation. It has become too easy to be a critic; to look at the bad parts of a lovely country. Are there problems with America? You bet there are, but there are so many more positive aspects. Instead of complaining and pointing fingers at other people we need to reflect on how we got here, relish the victories and work together to cure the ills that are present.

Actions speak louder than words. Let’s repair America with our actions, but tearing it down with vile rhetoric is not an option.

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