Tomorrows world we don't know today

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America is strong and America is ingenious. America has immense muscle power and massive brain power. America was built on men and women that thrived, not survived, on a spirit that built industries and society and a country that grew from a backwater speck on the earth to become the leader of democracy. America morphed over time and we are going to see another metamorphosis that is being brought to us via a small critter that can only be seen under an electron microscope.

COVID-19, the COrona VIrus Disease that was identified in 2019, or better known as Corona, is becoming rampant throughout the United States and the world. It has not reached its’ peak and we are still in store for more hurt and heartbreak. America is resilient and will persevere. The rest of the world will also persevere; after all there is no place to run. We all must stand our ground and do what has to be done to survive. This is when America is at its’ best.

Today we are taking extraordinary actions to mitigate or slow the spread of the disease. We cannot eradicate COVID-19 today. There is no vaccination and no proven drug to kill the virus once it has attacked the body. The best we can do is to take measures to slow the infection rate and allow our medical staff an opportunity to treat the sick without being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the sick. America and the rest of the world have taken unprecedented actions to try to mitigate this growth.

This pandemic will end. There is no refuting this; it will end. Warm environments coupled with future vaccinations and cures will end this scourge of the world. When we rear our heads from our shelters and look around, we will see a new world before us. The roads will begin to fill with cars, restaurants slowly open their doors as patrons enjoy a meal, bars will fill with patrons with glasses filled and tinkling to the sound of conversations while churches fill on Sundays with newly energized parishioners appreciative of the ability to enjoy the day and eulogize those that have passed on. This is a return to what we had before the pandemic; but there will be changes.

Americans that worked in confined offices or open cubes are now working from home. Thanks to the emergence of high-speed broadband over the past decades, workers no longer rely on face-to-face meetings. Advanced software that is available to everyone allows virtual meetings to take place. Other software will allow management to monitor the workers that are working remotely in their homes. As the pandemic ends many companies that had never allowed workers to work remotely will assess this policy and will allow workers to work from their residences. Once this happens, the workplace will shrink. This will reduce the real estate cost that the company incurs. While the company that employs the workers reaps a benefit from the new working condition, the owner of the building that housed the workers will incur economic distress. Additionally, with the workers not being at an office, the restaurants and stores in the area of the office will incur negative economic impacts. America is ingenious and these impacts will cause business to launch new initiatives to counter the reduced traffic; however, it will change.

Unfortunately, the biggest impact to working from home is the change to our social system. Lesser face-to-face contacts will lead to even more social media usage to mingle with our fellow humans.

Amazon and Walmart online shopping was on a major growth trajectory before the disease. The pandemic is going to greatly accelerate the use of online shopping. This will greatly accelerate the reduction of foot traffic in our malls and retail stores when the pandemic is over. Closures will be inevitable as the need for the person behind the counter is reduced. While these closures become inevitable, the ingenuity of the American entrepreneur is massive and empty malls and stores will provide needed space for newer and unique opportunities for the American man, woman and child.

Our medical world will change as the sick will use telemetry to talk to a medical practitioner and provide testing of the sick. Waiting rooms now filled with sick people will become less populated and future illness spread from the doctor’s office will decline and cost reductions will be realized.

Perhaps the best thing that could come from this pandemic crisis is a renewal of our faith in America and regeneration of our belief in religion. There is something about living through something like this pandemic and then sitting back and look in retrospect about what is truly important in life and thus what is truly important within our great nation. Let us hope that this is the true silver lining to this dark cloud that has cloaked our world in dread.

Everyone stay safe and remember, even this too shall pass.

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