Welcome to Florida BUT leave your politics where you came from

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The title of this article references Florida, but is also associated with Texas and any other freedom loving non-regulated state that enjoys low taxes and unencumbered growth. As we witness what is happening within our great nation the questions must be how do we handle the successes and what should be done with the shortfalls or failures of state and local governments.

Florida is one of the success stories for both economic growth and traversing the gamut of the dreaded COVID 19. The state lockdown has been limited when compared to New York, California, Chicago and other local and state governments. Schools are open and have been all year. Florida has been a success as it mixed non-compromising science with social needs and mental health requirements.

Early in the pandemic, the spring of 2020, Florida proposed closing its border with New York due to the high incidence rate in the empire state. New York’s governor Cuomo screamed that this was unlawful and thus Florida did not follow through with the decision. This was not Cuomo’s only tirade as he cried about the federal government not providing respirators, needing medical ships and then taking respirators from nursing homes. All the finger pointing from New York proved to be unfounded. While New York’s good but hopeful citizens endured strong state government controls the citizens of Florida fought through the pandemic as a unified yet open state devoid of dictatorial control. Florida’s policy of allowing a less autocratic stance toward the governing of its citizens has proven effective and Florida is thriving in a world of chaos.

Actions have consequences. Americans have a right to live anywhere they desire as long as they can afford the costs associated with the physical location that they wish to live in. The strong controls displayed in New York and California coupled with central planning requiring ever increasing taxes makes a resi dent of these states stop and ask themselves, “Is this what I really want?” The failures of these states are leading to an exodus to states such as Florida and Texas. There are stories that New Yorkers have sent household goods to long term storage sites in Florida in preparation of moves to the sunshine state. These people moving out of New York are the ones that can afford to move; the more affluent residents of the city. These residents are the high taxpayers that keep the city in business.

What is a government to do? When an ideology begins to fail, the ideology can either understand that it needs to change, or the ideology can attempt to force fit itself into the society that it seeks to control. Very seldom does a dictatorial leadership structure desire to change and so it is with the liberal governments of New York and California. So, what can be done to stop the migration of New Yorkers to Florida, Texas and other more open and conservative states? Make up a reason to thwart travel, prevent the migration and the problem is solved. That is what is being considered for those seeking to move from New York.

The pandemic has a new strain that is very contagious. Florida has the majority of the cases and California is second. The Federal government is considering the unprecedented move of stopping American citizens from crossing the state line to Florida. This has the consequence of stopping the move to that state under the pretext of pandemic control. There is no discussion about curtailing travel to California or another state with the new variant, New York. If the federal government moves to close a state within the borders of our great nation, then this will become a travesty of unparalleled proportions. A state should have the authority to limit movement to its sovereign territory, but neither another state nor the federal government should be allowed to close a state’s borders.

Let’s hope that a state’s sovereignty is not compromised for the benefit of a political ideology. Also, let’s hope that if a person moves to another state to pursue a more open and free life that they leave their politics behind them and not try to change the government of their new home.