What a year

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The year 2020 is now over and is in the rear-view mirror. What a year it was; like nothing I have ever experienced and hope our great nation nor our beautiful planet ever has to endure again. This year went out with a bang, literally and figuratively and that is why there was almost no article this week. I joined thousands of Americans who had lost internet access, supposedly from an early morning bomb blast in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Fortunately, the internet was restored and I can wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Our 2020 began with an impeachment of the president of the United States; an impeachment that did little more than disrupt the executive branch of government at a time that would prove to be crucial to the life of the country. Nothing was accomplished other than bragging rights that the president had been publicly humiliated. This was accented by the poor display of leadership from the speaker of the house when she tore up the President’s State of the Union address on national television immediately after he had delivered the speech to the nation.

Just when we thought that we had been through the worst start of a year that could have happened, the Chinese decided to keep the secret that a deadly virus had escaped their biological laboratory and thus allow the virus to expand throughout the world. Soon after discovering the virus was among us, the United States shut its doors with China. Amid screams of racism from the same speaker that embarrassed a proud nation, this same speaker walked through Chinatown and encouraged everyone to join the festivities of the Chinese New Year. Soon after this the United States began to shut down as did the rest of the world. The greatest test of the American economy’s resilience since the great depression ensued.

As America suffered from the lockdown and mental issues followed, a most despicable act was televised and America erupted. A black man was shown dying while a police officer held him down with a knee to the neck. It was the perfect storm and America exploded and in many cases over reaction was present. Peaceful protests began and by nightfall riots ensued. Seattle saw part of its city taken hostage as anarchist declared independence and incompetent leadership in the city allowed the debacle to continue much longer than it should have. Federal forces were offered but politics played into the hands of the rioters and the city leadership turned down the offer. Riots grew and anarchy expanded as politics, instead of the betterment of our nation, was emphasized. Screams of defund the police and take a softer hand for those that defy the law were not only witnessed by a sorrowful nation, but the rhetoric is adopted by some running for public office.

The lockdown was lifted and it was as if America had become unshackled. With a presidential election pending, the pent-up demand is released. Boat flotillas for Trump were nationwide as America was finally delivered from bondage. Campgrounds were packed and people went out to restaurants and finally sat down to a meal. What we did not do was to get a reprieve from a press that was more determined to rise by sensationalism instead of merely telling the news. Eventually the different press agencies took sides in the elections and the style was nauseating.

By October the country was ready for a debate between a bombastic president and a rival that was spending the entire race in his basement. Two extremes existed. At the same time the nation’s speaker of the house was refusing to bring legislation forward to provide more financial support for the financially oppressed people of America. Once again Americans suffered while politics displaced the need of the nation. Finally, the night of the debate came and the most unpresidential performance publicly displayed took place. America continued to suffer and when the presidential election took place 51 percent of America cheered and 49 percent wailed as our president was displaced.

Following the election, the fight continues amid shrieks of voter fraud, election steeling and removal of a defeated president by force. The only place enjoying all of this pain and suffering and confusion is China as it laughs at America’s situation. Citizens are still going hungry and businesses are remaining shut as politics continues to be played.

But this is not a crippled nation that has curled up in the corner, cowering and trembling. It is a resourceful tough nation that was carved from a unique citizenry. Americans are pleading to get back to work and the protests are not to provide social engineering but instead it is to open the country back up and get to work. Not one but two vaccines have been developed in 20 percent of the time that many thought it would take to develop. The newly elected president is filling his cabinet with individuals that are far less socialistic than was feared prior to the election. Following the explosion in Nashville and the heroics of six young police officers, the cries to defund the police has gone mute.

2021 will be better than our previous year. It won’t be easy, but it will be much better. God Bless America.

Tuffy Fields may be reached by emailing thelouisianaexplorer@yahoo.com.