Winter is “snow” fun

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Like me, I am sure that you have spent the last couple of days staring at an amazingly beautiful winter wonderland. This is the second snow of 2021 for us here in North Louisiana and that in itself is a miracle. In order for us to get snow, the weather conditions have to be perfect and personally I believe depends on the number of whispered “please let it snow” prayers from school children all over Louisiana.

Those prayers have certainly been answered this year. More ice and snow are predicted for Wednesday and Thursday, most schools have decided to transition to a completely virtual model for the rest of the week (but come on…we know that only the most conscientious of students will turn on those computers and look at those assignments) and most nonessential businesses will also remain closed through the rest of this week.

While it is certainly beautiful and makes for some great photos and videos, I am going to be completely honest with you. I hate snow and cold. I believe I was born in the south for a reason. God made me a southern girl through and through. Any temperature below 70 is too cold. Snow is cold and wet and after its initial beauty turns into this yucky brown slushy mess. I know I know… I sound like a scrooge. But before you judge me too harshly let just say that even though I hate it, I have learned how to deal with our snow days here in Louisiana. I have also learned how to deal with some of the more irritating aspects of snow in our Southern world. Let me share a little of what being a mom during a southern snow event is like.

First of all, at the first mention of possible winter weather in the south, go to the grocery store. Immediately. I don’t care if it is 10 a.m. on a Tuesday and you are in the middle of a business meeting. Go. If you wait until you get off work at 5, it will be too late. You will walk into a store with empty shelves. You will be out of luck with bread, milk and eggs… and since COVID, the toilet paper aisle will be iffy. You might be able to scavenge a can of green peas and some frozen broccoli but when you are stuck at home with a spouse and several kiddos who are hungry, peas and broccoli are only going to result in shrieks and whines (not to be confused with wines which you will need to stock up on as well.)

Second, your floor is going to be wet… continuously… for days and days until the yucky slush has gone completely away. Those of you with expensive hardwoods will want to make sure you set up a towel station right by the door where those cherubic snow angels will come in with their wet boots, socks and clothes and pile them all up to melt a river of snow and ice across said floors. Those with tile, concrete and other durable flooring can let this ride for a bit…until someone slips in the cold wet water or you are tired of having to change your socks because you keep walking through the snow river…which leads to number three.

Third, your laundry pile will seemingly multiply exponentially. You will think your kids have invited every single classmate to spend the week with you and maybe a few out of town relatives have joined your household. You will get your excited kiddos all bundled up in their cold weather gear and take those coveted snow photos for social media. Those kids will play in the snow for all of 10 minutes before they are cold and come in with their first pile of wet clothes (see above paragraph). They will do this over and over except that each time they go out, they will get fresh dry clothes and socks. Before long, your entry way will be a mountain of dirty, wet, nasty clothes. But don’t worry, this pile of laundry will help fill those long hours of time that you are off work.

Finally, be prepared to spend most of your time in the kitchen (that time that is not spent in the laundry room or drying your floor). Those rambunctious snow bunnies will come in from playing in the snow and they will be STARVING… every half hour. Each child will want something different so be prepared to polish up those short order cooking skills. After each snack session, you will need to clean the kitchen and get it ready for the next bout of orders. From breakfast, second breakfast, snacks, lunch, second lunch, third lunch, more snacks and dinner, be prepared for your pantry to look like those shelves at the grocery store. By the time the snowpocalypse is over, those peas and broccoli might start to look inviting.

Now don’t judge me too harshly. While I may detest cold and snow, I will admit that I too got my family all dressed up and took those obligatory social media photos. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you will see that I actually revel in being with my loved ones and making those wonderful memories. I want to see your photos too. Take lots of pictures, enjoy those wet floors and that laundry pile, and fixing your families’ favorite foods because time passes all too quickly and these will be treasured memories that you will look back on with fondness. Now… where are my summer temps and flip flops? I am so ready!!