A World of Chaos

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Many believe the country is in chaos. Anarchy is taking place in front of the viewer’s eyes and nothing is being done to curtail it. Television is full of rioters and various items of patriotism are burned in the streets, in front of cameras and the dastardly deeds are in defiance of America as if to say America doesn’t matter.

Songs are played on the radio that portray a sentiment of anti-administration with an underlying message of mayhem. We witness good men spit on. These are men that took an oath to protect the citizens of this country and who risk their lives daily; even for those intent on disrespecting these noble young men.

Politics is in a state of turmoil. Two political parties are so divided, so polarized and so mistrustful of each other that an observer would stand in frustration as there is no way for the parties to work together for the better of our nation and our culture. Most have agreed that the only way out of this is at the voting polls. For many the established president is doing a good job under an extremely difficult situation that the sitting president had no responsibility as to the original cause of the state of affairs. Many other individuals blame the sitting president for all that is wrong with the current situation and his actions have perpetuated the harm done to America.

A biased press is not the best advocate for the sitting president nor does this situation bode well for a country divided. Instead of telling the news, as the British Broadcasting Corporation does, the news agencies goes beyond news reporting and instead of providing the world as it is, they use their position to mold political agendas. This is for both the news agencies that support or oppose the President of the United States. Opposition takes the form of vile rhetoric and twisted statistics.

The Mid-East is a point of turmoil and has been since its founding in the late 1940s. Countries around the mideast hate Israel and all countries that support it. This puts America in the cross hairs of the Israeli conflict. The single most important external aspect to the survival of the Israeli state is the United States of America. Support provided to Israel has alienated groups in the mid-east and these groups have been referred to as terrorist organizations. Death and destruction are a way of life for these organizations and the burning of American flags in the streets of Palestine are branded into our minds.

Does the narrative above sound familiar? Do you recognize the confusion, the adversarial conflict and the death and destruction? Do you recognize this as current day America? Truth is, if you are under 60 you probably do not realize what was just portrayed. The time period was not today but was instead the late 60s and very early 70s. As bad as America may seem today it is not as terrible as America was while being torn apart by a war half a globe away in Southeast Asia, Viet Nam.

Nightly we witnessed death and destruction on television news broadcasts while reputable correspondents worked on the emotions of a country caught up in the war. Protests were taking place around the country and even the Democratic National Convention was the center of one major riot. The Democratic President, Johnson, decided to not run for President and Republican Richard Nixon was elected. Young soldiers returned from Nam to be discharged and were told to take their uniforms off when they got home and don’t put them back on. Some were spit on in public. Today the American flag was burned while protesters during Nam burned their draft cards. But alas, as bad as things were and as dire as the world seemed, we did survive. Not only did we survive, but eventually we would thrive and in 1990 America was vindicated as it led the coalition that drove Saddam Hussein from tiny defenseless Kuwait.

As bad as the situation in America is today, rest assured that this too shall pass. Will there be more turmoil and distress? Possibly, but the American spirit will persevere and the intestinal fortitude that built this great nation is still alive in the DNA of our country. John Locke wrote of the “State of Nature” and how turbulence does take place, but how over time the turbulence subsides and mankind will return to a gentle balanced society. Locke was a theologian who wrote in the1600s and who would eventually be read by and then influenced several of the authors of the American Constitution. This includes Thomas Jefferson.

Fear for our country, pray for our country, take an active part in the politics of our great nation and rest assured America is still great and will survive and be better.

God Bless America.

Tuffy Fields may be reached by emailing thelouisianaexplorer@yahoo.com.