Anna Kate, high school senior, learns hunting lessons well

  • Anna Kate Scriber is shown with her huge Kansas whitetail buck she downed while hunting with her dad, Glenn Scriber. Courtesy photo
    Anna Kate Scriber is shown with her huge Kansas whitetail buck she downed while hunting with her dad, Glenn Scriber. Courtesy photo
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This is a busy time of year for me with my assignment from LA Sportsman magazine to interview successful hunters and write stories about how they took trophy bucks. There has been little time to cover other matters regarding the outdoors as long as deer season is going on.

I ran across one story, though, that temporarily placed Louisiana’s big bucks and how they were taken on the back burner for a bit.

This is a deer story, but it reached its peak, not in Louisiana but in Kansas. The subject of this story is a 17-year-old high school senior at Cedar Creek school in Ruston. The subject happens to be a young lady. Anna Kate Scriber, daughter of Ruston painting contractor and police juror, Glenn Scriber.

Anna Kate developed an interest in hunting by tagging along with her dad as he chased turkeys and deer across Louisiana.

“She started hunting deer herself at the age of 11 when she was the recipient of a Whitetails Unlimited sponsored hunt,” her dad explained. Anna Kate was successful in downing a big doe on this hunt, and her deer hunting fever ramped up a notch

Glenn Scriber has been involved in a hunting club in Kansas for several years and has taken several nice bucks there. When Anna Kate was 15, it took very little arm twisting for her to talk her dad into letting her accompany him on his trip to Kansas.

“Anna Kate kept things going with her interest in hunting deer as she was able to down a very respectable 135-inch 9-point buck that season,” said Scriber.

When this year’s hunting season rolled around, Glenn Scriber began packing his gear for his annual deer hunting foray in Kansas taking Anna Kate with him. Here’s the way Scriber described the hunt where his daughter proved her prowess as a genuine deer hunter.

“Kansas has long been known for its trophy whitetail deer, but to down a really impressive one requires patience and preparation with a bit of luck to go along with it.

“On a beautiful, sunny, cold, crisp and calm afternoon, all of the above fell in place for my daughter,” Scriber explained.

While sitting in their deer blind, they watched a group of does and some smaller bucks feeding on the food plot. All of a sudden, all of the deer bolted from the plot and Scriber felt that something was about to happen.

“Ten minutes passed with no other activity and then five minutes later, a true Kansas trophy buck rushed out onto the plot chasing a doe. There was no doubt that this was a ‘shooter’ and Anna Kate was ready for action, placing her .308 on the sandbag getting ready for a shot,” Scriber continued.

However, the buck was anything but cooperative as he began trotting directly away from the blind chasing the doe.

“I whistled to get the buck’s attention hoping he would turn broadside but to no avail. He just kept going and by now, he was near the end of a 400-yard field when he finally stopped and at 375 yards, he turned broadside,” he said.

By putting the crosshairs of her scope on the top of the buck’s back, Anna Kate was able to squeeze off a shot. Walking down to where the deer had been standing, there lay a fine 5 ½ yearold 10-point buck that gross scored 150 inches.

“It is so special to watch a youngster with interest in learning to hunt be successful. It’s extra special,” Scriber said, “when it’s your daughter.”