One good thing about 2020, a glorious Fall

  • Observing Fall foliage can be just the ticket to taking our minds off all negative things the year 2020 has brought us. Glynn Harris photo
    Observing Fall foliage can be just the ticket to taking our minds off all negative things the year 2020 has brought us. Glynn Harris photo

Any way you look at it, the year 2020 has been one for the books, a book you’d like to toss into a big roaring fire.

The first couple of months of 2020 were a mirror image of January and February 2019. Folks were going about doing normal stuff. Hunters were celebrating a good deer season, squirrel hunters were glad to see deer season end so they could hit the woods with their squirrel dogs unencumbered. Crappie and bass fishermen were on the lake targeting big slabs and sway-bellied bass that were getting ready for the spring spawn.

Then came March. I always loved the month of March because it meant I’d be king for a day for 24 hours because on March 29, I celebrated a birthday with greetings and gifts and cake and such, things that made me feel sort of special. March 29, 2020 was markedly different. Oh I had a birthday and friends and kin sent greetings. There were even gifts and cake but something was lacking. Folks who stopped to greet me were wearing masks. There were no handshakes or hugs. I got elbow or fist bumps.

I looked forward to church and Sunday school where my birthday was acknowledged with good-natured ribbing suggesting I needed to wipe drool from my chin because I’d grown so old. By the end of the month, I could no longer attend church. If I wanted to hear the pastor’s sermon, I watched it on my computer in the safety of my office. Why all the drastic changes?


We are now in the ninth month of virtual shut-down created by an unseen but present enemy, the coronavirus that has sickened and killed thousands. I know people who have had the virus, I’m kin to several. I know some dear friends who have succumbed to this plague.

Then came the hurricanes. Laura was not only devastating and deadly in southwest Louisiana but she reached where I live way up here in north LA as a category one storm causing damage up this way somewhat like the tornado caused in early 2019. Then there was another following on Laura’s heels a month later and just about every week we saw another and another forming in the Caribbean posing a possible threat to our state.

Political unrest? Oh my goodness; this country became torn apart and divided by factions at each others throats followed by a presidential election that has done little to settle the unrest.

We have been in sore need of something to take our minds off all the negative nasty stuff the year 2020 has dumped on us. Thank God for Autumn. The changing of colors of the leaves from green to purple and red and gold as they flutter down to create a lovely multi-colored carpet has given us something warm and soothing to take the edge off all things nasty and mean.

I took off my mask, picked up my camera and drove out to Lincoln Parish Park one day this week. Oh my, what a pleasure it was to see the unfiltered beauty and majesty of the changing of the seasons. Not a single thought entered my mind about a virus or a hurricane or political unrest. All I saw was peace and tranquility created by God.

As I was drinking in all I was seeing and experiencing, the thought entered my mind that as bad as everything has been during this nine months of hell, could what Autumn 2020 is showing us be a sign; an omen, of better things to come?

I hope and pray it is.